I failed the trust of High Lady trying to do the right

You may have missed it… but the progenitor of CVA has returned. Aralis is back in the game… and he supports Xhjfx and Equinox Daedalus’ actions completely and supports them remaining the leaders of the alliance and the coalition.

In fact, when 9UY was taken back from the invaders of Providence… it was Aralis who dropped the TCU and toasted it to operation. The person who created CVA is behind it’s current leadership.

CVA may not be what you want it to be… but the old school members who have returned since the Providence invasion are behind how CVA and Providence are being run now… at least now that useless people like Silent Infinity who only talk but never actually DEFEND the region are gone. One of the biggest things they insisted on is that Silent Infinity type alliances never be given a position of responsibility in Providence ever again.


If Lord Aralis supports Xhjfx the Maleficar, then he is either blackmailed to it, he does not know how deep is the evil of Xhjfx the Rot that Taints the Worlds or he does not care. Im pretty sure it is second option. I know Sir Daedalus, my good and close friend hates Xhjfx the Soul Plague but since Xhjfx the Vanguard of Ruination controls CVA operations, he cannot do anything.

Both Daelalus and Aralis (and Xhjfx too of course) view you as a taint on the Amarr empire that should be purged. Heck, you old alliance views you similarly now.

Maybe instead of the rest of the universe being wrong and your being right… you should accept the fact that you are in fact the issue?

Just a thought.

It’s adorable that you think any of those people are any kind of Imperial these days.


“Grand Admiral Sundara and Her Majesty Empress Jamyl I offer their most sincere thanks to CVA, PIE, and all other loyalists who stand in support of the Golden Fleet in service of God and Empire during these troubled times. And of course, the Imperial Armed Forces offer our most sincere congratulations to Imperial Dreams on this, their twelfth anniversary celebration.”

This happened. The Empress and the Imperial Armed Forces recognized CVA’s loyalty to the Amarr empire. Have they done so for you?

I would imagine that’d require a severe aneurysm for everyone involved.

That CVA (and many others, to be fair) are merely coasting on an old name that has lost any real meaning as far as loyalties go is not really in question though.


And yet CVA remains in Providence and continues with Operation Deliverance. While CVA may not always win those conflicts… they don’t run away to the Great Wildlands and not defend the space they were pledged to defend (Silent Infinity) or sell their structures to anti-amarr invaders and then fade to nothing (Yulai Federation).

They remain loyal… and continue to fight. They aren’t trying to create their own empire like many other alliances in null are attempting to do. They fight to extend the Civilizing light of the Amarr empire that already exists. And unlike many others who attempt to speak of their own devotion and loyalty… CVA has been RECOGNIZED BY THE EMPIRE for doing so.

This is the same Empire that officially recognized Blooders and other scum during the Heir Trials. I wouldn’t be too giddy about it, heh.


I Evan McEQ welcome you back to Providence with open arms!

This guy is going to end up with more titles then Vaari himself… and cooler ones to boot.


Xhjfx of the Many Titles.

He who is Entitled to Titles.


What’s more, with titles like those, if he ever gets tired of space, he could go into pro wrestling.


Mizhara speaks truth. Outside of a few hard bitten loyalists trying to keep the flame alive, mostly concentrated in Imperial Dreams, CVA stopped being dedicated to the Amarrian cause in the name of survival in the realities of Nullsec. That flame was attempted to be reignited, to be doing more then playing lip service and attending parades (parades it must be noted in which a small number of CVA members directly, and repeatedly, insulted the Empire, Empress of the day and so on) and actually bring the Reclaimation forward in the region in some manner. While his methods are flawed and incorrect, Lord Vaari has at the least attempted to address this issue for years.

CVA is Amarr Aligned, but certainly no longer worthy of being called truly Amarr Loyal. There’s more to the faith then simply promising the region of Providence to the Empire in vain hope.


Im sure Her Imperial Majesty cannot find time herself to investigate every organization who claims to be loyalist. CVA has proud history and well known loyalist name. How Her Imperial Majesty should know that they are glorified space landlords more than loyalists today, when even those who actively live with them have difficulties to make difference between most powerful alliance of Providence and Amarr loyalist?

Her mentioning CVA was understandable, but unfortunate mistake. It boasted the ego of Xhjfx the Bile. This is extremely dangerous, since he is de-facto leader of CVA and were already full of shi…feces even before mention. Now he is constant danger of explode into nova of…well you can imagine.

He is not fit to fulfill the important position he is in. Since his influence to the CVA has enormous, he is one of the most important reason why CVA is falling from the grace of God and why Providence is in danger of becoming his private kingdom.

As a loyal ally and friend of CVA, I will not allow this to happen. Project Deliverance alone is reason enough to stop CVA from committing moral suicide but it is also my duty to defend them from themselves.

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So now you question the statements of Her Imperial Majesty? You say her decisions are “mistakes”?

I’m beginning to think you’ve been working against the Empire. Those are not loyalist statements. It’s no wonder even Silent Infinity has labeled you a traitor… as Providence had done long ago.

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Given members of CVA directly insulted her in local communications and slandered her, even as she gave such flatterings, then yes. Perhaps she was mistaken, especially when one pilot was entirely left free to repeat this behaviour in her presence on multiple occasions, and the other got away with a mild slapped wrist.

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Yes. I question Her Imperial Majesty in this. Clearly she was poorly informed so fault is not her, but her advisors. While I revere and fulfill my duties towards our monarchs, I do not worship them as all knowing deities.

Traitor to Providence.
Traitor to Silent Infinity.
Traitor to the Empress.

The three titles “Lord” Vaari has actually earned.

By all means… share your evidence. Who is the pilot? What was said? Or is this one of those “Oh, I have a girlfriend back in Jita but you’ve never met her” kind of things?

… there were like… hundreds and hundreds of witnesses, you absolute cretin.

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