I got player fraud, and lost nearly all of my asset

2 hours earlier I’m transporting ship to 25 jumps away.

And I got a warp interruption by other player battle ship in high sec. by using push my boat away. And I can’t warp. (I’ve not war dec)

After that, a guy message me and he claim he can provide help by logi/ web. And invite me to fleet.

After nearly half and hour of interruption he ask me to duel and let him web me , to assist my warp.

After I approve , he go to station and swap to battle ship , and shot me . In the mean time , I’ve no way to stop the duel request.

When he come, time timer was 90second left and I turn on the shield hardener on the boat.

A minute later I check the timer reset to 5 minutes and I can’t warp or do any other else.

As last My bowhead is gone and all my ships are gone. (Apox 8.8 B)

EVE online is a good game if CCP can keep the game environment clean. And protect player have a good experience.

In the real world it is a kind of fraud and it is outlaw. And the prisoner should be punished

Currently I’m looking forward for CCP, to handle this kind of crime behaviour.


Never, ever, ever accept duel requests.
Never, never, never. Not ever.


To build on what Art has said. Never, ever, ever compare a game to real life.
Its just not the same.


CCP encourage it, and always have done; welcome to a game where the greedy and stupid suffer, and the devs are the biggest “griefers” of all.


Where you went wrong was to accept a duel request in a 8 bill cargo ship. Also you had an 8 bill cargo, not good idea.


Settings » Chat
✓ Auto Reject Invitations


About Laws and terms
The player is fraud for other player, just like the case 10+ years before. Is it ok if the EVE online running like this.

About Technical
Why player can change boat at duel request ?
Why player can warp around at duel request?
Why there is no player cancel duel request in the mean time?
Player can init the duel but not able to cancel it ?

Just to be clear, I want to mention that while defrauding a player of their in game assets is considered legitimate gameplay, defrauding a person out of real life assets, impersonating CCP employees, and other things are still considered against the rules.

At some point, nearly every player comes to pay for a mistake, as you have. Some learn sooner, and lose less, some learn later, and lose more, like you did. So long as it’s in game, that is OK.

As soon as they try to damage the person behind the keyboard, though, they’ve crossed a line the community does take seriously.

Everything in EVE is rigged. If you have something nice (shiny) and someone appears out of the blue to help you, there’s a 100% chance you’re about to get taken.

Anything that general makes your life easier is also setup in such a way that makes it easier to part you from your valued possessions. This is why it’s better to run T2 fits on ships, move ships individually and transport cargo in high-tanked Deep Transports. Freighters (and Bowheads) are prime bumping targets - especially if they’re carrying something of value.

Have you bought this character?

I mean this character is from 2008 and you are seriously trying to tell us you accepted a duel invite in Uedama?



I am actual player for 10years .
I don’t want to off the topic I got interrupted for nearly an hour. I’ve just off my duty and move my asset. And I’m exhausted . But seems like I’ve no way to play it any more

I’d say welcome to eve… but…

Wait, there is no but.

Welcome to Eve. The game where you’re hard pressed to find a rule that you don’t impose yourself (with a gun).

To compare this to real life, honestly, there’s no fair comparison. We have no security levels. There is no such thing as high/low/null (unless you wanna look at places like Somalia). Everywhere is highsec IRL. As there’s no fair comparison, there’s no reason to even consider continuing along that line.

Since nobody has asked yet, if you’re done playing Eve can I have the assets you didn’t lose?

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Sorry, I find it hard to feel much empathy here.
Seriously, you played for 10 years and didn’t manage to train Paranoia I.

Yes, he wanted you to snap. He wanted to grind down your guard. If I had scanned your 8 bil cargo I would have done the same probably.

See it as a chance. Wipe the slate and start fresh. You must have a nice high SP pilot. Use it for Nullsec PvP. Something new and refreshing.


Couple of takeaways here. Never move all your assets at once… Never duel anyone but your alt. And check the evemap when traveling for destroyed ships and avoid those places where there is alot of destruction.


Let me give you an example. I just put a Faction battleship on to build, and rather than move all the components at once I only moved some of the components at at time.

It probably took me a half dozen or so trips and the better part of an hour, but I never really risked more than a hundred million ISK or so at any given time - far less than anyone would expect to recoup in a gank attempt.

For every step to save me time I’d also reduce the tank on my fit and the rewards for a potential gank. That’s really the lesson here: Anything designed to save you time also generally places you at higher risk.

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Answer #1: Great lesson for you, you should not make this mistake again.

Answer #2: Go away, troll.


Even the most adamant anti-gankers would think you stupid to accept a duel request.

Rule 1: don’t fly what you can’t afford to lose
Rule 2: trust no one

I would ask for your stuff but you gave it all away to someone else already.

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Be nice. The one thing about EVE that’s so negative is the level of vitriol when celebrating someone else’s loss (particularly if it’s a large one). It’s probably the worst quality in the game.


You are not alone

Too bad you didn’t read this b4 now

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I’m sorry, but this was funny. Did you really not expect a fraud? First he bumps you, which should have been annoying at the very least. So then what? You let him talk you into a duel? … How did you not see this coming?

Any woman could have told you that this was the oldest trick in the book. It’s like the guy who first corners you, then puts his arm around you and then wants to bump uglies with you. And you fell for it. :joy:

Or am I reading this wrong?