I haven't played the game in sooo long! (Ralph, don't read this!)

Greetings! :smiley: It’s been a while!

I have been away for so long, I almost forgot what it is like to playing the game. I actually kind of missed it. The constant dangers of being caught and the accompanying paranoia are quite thrilling and what continuously drove me into playing it in the first place! The best part of course is playing it with others! You!

I remember the last time I have been playing the game. I had an encounter with Ralph King-Griffin and won, and it pissed him off big time. “■■■■ you Sol, it’s been years” he said, and I will never forget this victory, because Ralph is a great guy and a formidable enemy! It is an honour defeating him and I will never forget this special moment.

I have had great times playing it, really. Around every corner there lies the danger of being caught and nowhere is safe. Nowhere. You can be caught anytime, anywhere, and that is just absolutely amazing for everyone, except those who get caught of course. :blush:

Catching others off guard is what I have always enjoyed the most. Watching them, befriending them, following them around and distracting them from my actual purpose was one of the best parts. It is like this thread here, which purpose is only to distract you and lure you into a sense of safety, making you drop your guard until it hits you.

sips coffee


The Game.

You lost.

Happy 1st of April, I’ll see you next year! :blush:

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hmm, meta-ganking now?

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