I need to ask or im just dumb

So in the CCP stream today I asked about bringing back color icons to UI meaning I want the old colorful icons back in to game so the game looks less like your in a modern hospital all clean neat and depressing.

I said
roxilius40:Hey CCP can you bring back Colors to the UI Icons so it feels less like a Hospital cleanliness

I got the reply
Swift:@roxilius40 They are actually in now

Honestly I wish they added it as a toggle option I mean if people want their clean depressing UI sure but let us who want color in the game have it.

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His answer makes no sense if it’s a reaction to your question, dude probably got a bit flustered by all the questions.

I found the conversation and yeah he said They are actually in now so he must maybe answered another question but to me instead.

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How can anyone use Twitch chat without issues is beyond me. That thing is horrible. No wonder there are mistakes like this.

It bears looking into a bit more, at least. This is CCP after all: it’s entirely possible they’ve added colored icons back in… with no way to access them in the interface.

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…with a CA$H shop option for only $19.99 USD / month (per account) in a NES store near you. :wink:


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Perhaps we’ve all been playing this game wrong, all this time…

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Just add it to a Battle Pass. Or make it an Epic games launcher exclusive.

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bumping this to Player Features & Ideas - EVE Online Forums as its a feature request.