OMG! You will not believe how Discourse ruined EVE Online! ISD's SHOCKED! 😱

Honestly, I cannot stop staring at it. I’m losing sleep because of it.

I don’t know when this was introduced, nor do I know why it needed a change and what was wrong with the old way.

It’s just so… orange.


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Vitamin Crybaby


If I can cry about it, I’ll cry about it.

This is the GD way.

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I thought this was going to be a topic about forum moderation.

Actually, I don’t even know what this topic is about.

It’s about orange icons. A topic very dear to my heart.

You wanted them red?

No… My point was, why change them? It was a muted blue before, now it’s a bright orange that “pops out” and takes focus. Why change it?

yes it would fit nicely with the ingame redphobia

And obviously this thread is a semi-joke thread, but I’m honestly curious why the need to change it.

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Uh, I thought it was obvious. CCP hires introverted community development people. Every time they try to “do something” about the forums, they decide that the best use of their time is tinkering with settings.


Yeah, makes sense. Probably some intern that spent their time fiddling with the settings to fill wage hours.

No way was it an intern.

The new community manager @CCP_Fleebix ?

Ummm, you obviously feel quite passionate about colour, particularly orange and (as a graphic designer in RL) I do get that, but “ruined” as an adjective? Possibly a tiny, tiny bit of an overreaction, maybe?

Maybe you need a nice lie down and an Alka-Seltzer?


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It’s called click-bait honey.

Thanks darling.

Love the hair.


Thanks. Also nice to know, that an IRL graphical designer does somewhat agree that orange is an odd/unconventional choice to use.

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on a dark grey background, blue was not a good choice… and considering my favorite colors together are orange and black, it would look better…

case in point: If looking under the “latest” tab, when showing replies or views to topics, they are so dark blue i cannot see them, and would prefer lighter colors than blue to be used on a dark charcoal background.

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