[I-RED] Public Release: Semiki Internal Watch Deployment

Hm! Interesting. We didn’t get any notification of an attack on the structure. I’ll nudge some pilots to purge the Lancers.

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We are preparing to engage as well.

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At this moment in time, all threats have been neutralized.

A total of 19 Autothysian Lancers were engaged and destroyed in various locations within the system of Semiki, including at the Zainou Biocontainment Facility, as well as an asteroid belt and customs offices.

We thank those pilots that responded quickly, and helped in the neutralization of threats.


Drifters, you say? I’d suppose this might be something of a startup to Drust’s CRG A-type warning.

Lancers at any rate, might get more activity.

As stated by Director Avala, Ishukone-Raata patrols engaged several fleets of Autothysian Lancers after discovering the destruction of a fleet of roughly ten Drifter Battleships around the ARC Astrahaus in position over the Zainou Containment Facility.

Intelligence reports will be sent to both the Ishukone Watch, and DED for further analysis.

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IKAME was glad to lend a hand with the lancers, and we thank Captain @Oveg_Drust for helping defend our citadel.

We are redeploying some assets to deal with drifters should they return.

Parious MeHoff
Director of Operations, IKAME
Commander, ARC


I saw several packs (or perhaps the same pack three or four times) traveling Khanid space yesterday, if that helps at all.

Lancers do operate in systems with a Jovian Observatory. Either scanning them, other items in system, or they have been observed salvaging stuff from them. I sometimes warp to them, cloaked at 100km and observe. When I arrived in Semiki yesterday that was the first thing I checked, and there was no JO. Currently we think it is worth checking on Lancer activity and if there is a JO there.




EVENT NAME: Drifter/Autothysian Lancer Sighting and Engagement

DATE AND TIME: YC121.02.05-06, 22:37-00:30

LOCATION: Semiki, Lonetrek


MantelGlobalIndustries [HECON], Shiran Mazaki [I-RED], Khromace [I-RED], Donaganstails [I-RED], Nao Hita [I-RED], Julianni Avala [I-RED], Parious MeHoff [ARC], KLT TeHb [-RSH-], darkezero [SU-17]


22:37 - 10 Drifter Battleship wreckage discovered

22:40 - 4 Autothysian Lancers first sighted at Zainou Biocontainment Facility

23:18 - 4 ATLs confirmed

23:20 - 10 ATLs confirmed

22:47 - 5 ATLs engaged by GROUP ONE at Zainou Biocontainment Facility and lead away to [HECON] Conglomerate Observation Post

00:02 - 5 ATLs eliminated

00:08 - 4 ATLs sighted and engaged at Semiki III Customs Office

00:11 - 4 ATLs eliminated

00:15 - 5 ATLs engaged at Semiki V Customs office

00:17 - 5 ATLs eliminated

00:23 - 5 ATLs engaged at Semiki IX Asteroid Belt

00:25 - 5 ATls eliminated

00:30 - System confirmed cleared

*Times are approximate


During a patrol of the Semiki system, ten Drifter Battleship remains were discovered around the [ARC] Zainou Investigation Liaison Center. Two of these destroyed ships were confirmed by public reports that Captain Oveg Drust was the pilot behind their destruction, though the Captain was not seen in system, nor was the battle that took place, observed.

While relaying this information to cooperative parties, four Autothysian Lancers were sighted at the Zainou Biocontainment Facility. Deeming these as a threat, capsuleers were gathered to engage. While the capsuleers prepared, more information was gathered and it was confirmed that there were at least fourteen Autothysian Lancers in the system.

Capsuleers then began to engage five of the ATLs at the Zainou Biocontainment Facility, leading them to the [HECON] Conglomerate Observation Post to be eliminated. After elimination of the first five, capsuleers then descended upon the other ATLs in the system. A total of nineteen ATLs were found. Once the ATLs were eliminated, capsuleers scouted the system and confirmed there were no further threats.


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