I want to buy a Guri Hivaa Strain

Does this not sound like a killer strain of pot? Is the Dev that named these guys a bit of an indulger?!?!:thinking::wink:

The word β€œstrain” has had a meaning outside of your stoner circles for a long time so no, not likely, the Guri stands for Guristas anyway

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My stoner circles? Its been a decade or more since Ive smoked pot and almost 2 decades since I smoked it regularly.

Simply my first thought about the name.

That being said if it gets legalized Ill likely see if its still β€œcool” or interesting in my old age.

Pretty sure you are both using Strain in the same context. one of you just decided to be jackbooty about it and one is a little more relaxed about the recreational use of substances.

Off to take some Pyrolancea and spin in circles.

Pretty sure no matter how many countries legalize marijuana, Iceland will be the last of them.

Iceland, doing only what other countries find appropriate.

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