I want YOU to help me test search on Singularity

Greetings capsuleers!

I’ve just tweaked some settings on Singularity I want you to know about. For most of EVEs recent history, searching on Tranquility (character searching, item searching etc) has been performed by the Sphinx search engine. I’ve been working to transition our search backend to the more modern Elasticsearch, and for some months we’ve had both engines running side-by-side on both Singularity and Tranquility.

Our goal has been to make this changeover as invisible as possible, and we’ve put a lot of effort into replicating old behavior on the new system.

They’ve been operating in a race. When you search for or autolink something, the query is dispatched to both systems. The first one to come back with a non-empty answer wins, and it’s results are presented to you. This means that the new engine has been protected somewhat by the old one.

I have just switched Sphinx search off on Singularity, which means Elasticsearch is now performing on it’s own, and being put through the final tests before we retire Sphinx from the rest of our infrastructure.

During the next week, I’d like to ask you all to use the “people & places” search window, the chat channel autolinking function and the private contracts window as much as possible. I want to hear about any and all anomalies you might run across, so please bug report anything you consider weird. Note that the market search and asset search use a different code path that is unrelated to this work. Feel free to test them as well though :wink:

I’m especially keen to hear from you if you’re using a localized game client, please give it a thorough testing :smile:


Sadly the search engine seems not the reason for the buggy contract window (page two and above) - contract window still show wrong second page if used with dropdown or rightklick on items.
EBR-35641 & EBR-99581 & EBR-138868

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