I’m a princess in real-life, it’s not a roleplay thing.

How do you think CODE. funds all this ganking?

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First off: Your not a princess. You might be delusional but thats all. 2nd off: Overly large Expenditures on Plex, which essentially buys your ways here. (Which is really, really Sad)

No, really, I’m a Hapsburg in real-life.


She is also princess of highsec. She may be princess of other things as well.

I don’t think Saramas is a princess of anything. Are you, Saramas?


He can also be our princess. We live in a very progressive age, and it’s okay for boys to be princesses too, you know.

Maybe he can do a royal visit to Aiko’s palace and she can do his hair? Oh, wait, never mind…


Mum can I have dolphin?

The Royal Among Us: A Real-Life Princess! :thinking:

Watching James or whoever controls the Aiko account worship himself with forum alts… How does a human player become more pathetic than a bot? They join code. How does a member of code become even more pathetic than that? They become a code leader.

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Does James 315 haunt your dreams, AJ?

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Never met him since he’s permabanned plz introduce me to his current alt

James 315 is not banned at all, if you understood how alliances worked you would see the clear evidence for this.

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So have him Evemail me.

Please have the Queen of England give me a call.


So your savior is a coward and a neckbeard loser, ty for confirming.

Do you feel like you are winning hearts and minds here on the forums?

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Nope, eating crackers and laughing at your futile sadness. Btw that suicide gank the other day? The kids messed up and left behind enough loot to pay for the procurer. Can’t you losers do anything right?

Why would the Saviour of highsec evemail a random nobody, how about you mail him with some of your delicious salt as he will appreciate this.

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I don’t think it is about the loot when the ganker’s are enjoying their Oak Nestle Peppermint Crisp Flavoured Milk.

I’m obviously not banned.


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This guy isnt even trying.

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