Code is like a dark booger stuck to your nose hairs, removing it tingles a bit, but once it’s gone and in the garbage can it feels wonderful.

You sir are one angry miner. :roll_eyes:

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Code Pilot with fitted Mining Modules along with Ore in the cargo.
Looks like somebody was caught mining.

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Its only hardcore mining if you remember to load up your 315 PLEX

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Alex, can I have “Stuff that only happens in Holy Halaima” for $200?

For days I have had the feeling that something is missing, now I know it. Over one month there is nothing to read from you @Nicolai_Serkanner. no sweet "■■■■ of "or simple “no”, or at least “bollocks”. where are you, busy with Goons?
Anyway, it’s not [Good riddance ™] if you not there :stuck_out_tongue:

There were a lot of posters that all forcibly 'ahem’ left the forums at around the same time. It remains to be seen if they were all permanent vacations, or whether some of them were 30 day “take some time and think about your behavior,” type temporary hiatuses.

I’m pretty sure Nicolai is not coming back to the forums. Does he deserve an honorary “good riddance” to send him on his way?




I had read this quote a few times over the past day and still don’t get it.

Hahah the people who play this game are hilarous.

Don’t get mad , enjoy killing them like we do , not just code but all the little off shoots as well.

Personally my zKillboard is all green. Going for person who lost most isk on zkillboards… and mind games with bloobs, gate camps, station camps, smart bombs is all part of the game…

But after I get obliterated and podded… I’m only in the mood for you to send me ISK or to contract me back the stuff from currier mission if it dropped…

Don’t mean any disrespect and i am speaking form the heart now but why did it take you loosing your job and getting depressed to acknowledge that other people also have lives… and that you should only harvest salt that is readily available, not go out of your way to entrap and manufacture salt using entrapment methods?

Instead of mailing noobs their killmail… mail them a better fit. People would actually respect you if you send a sub 10 mill SP, less then 6 months in game a detailed explanation on what happened, why it happened and how to prevent it… instead of a picture of your emotional state how you yourself consider yourself superior to a guy that didn’t know you exist.