Idiot Player Please Ignore

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This is my main dude. This isnt WOW with boe/bops where you have to guild up for them purples. Interesting strat of holding people to a certain standard and yet not keeping yourself to that same level.

(Agondray) #143

If they wouldnt waste millions on other projects thats not eve just to quit or delete theyll be in better shape, seriously how much money do they need to pay less than 200 people a month and rent space on servers?

during the 2 alpha years i saw some dev saying we “have” something like 300k subs (which i doubt) but even if all 300k bought the 1 year subs thats 3m usd a month, more if everyone uses shorter packs not to mention plex sells which go for even more. They make plenty of money but management is poor in its use.

Over the years all CCP has done is sell off locations and toss out the staff.

(Shai 'Hulud) #144

How exactly is a question about something you posted an attack?

If you are not prepared for criticism, I’d advise keeping your views to yourself. These forums are not here just for people to agree with you.

(Kildaire) #145

Not in defense of the increase of services, but a noob could possible walk into the game and pay sums of money to create a character that took a veteran years to create.
Maybe the veterans should have incentives, or major discounts. I could be wrong and such things have been implemented for veteran gamers.

(EVGA Max) #146

he came onto the thread instantly quoting two of my posts using an NPC alt _ i am not interested in getting into a fight. Which is what he was after.

Going to bed, speak tmoz :slight_smile:

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So if a large portion of the playerbase leaves/stops paying, you wouldn’t like to know why?

Didn’t your famous wardec comment come from wanting to change what had caused people to leave/stop playing?

(Mina Sebiestar) #149

*Fits Damage Control II and puts popcorn in microwave.

(Daichi Yamato) #150

If people don’t agree with you, you look them up in game for ways to make ad hominem attacks…

So cordial.

(Foggy Bernstein) #151

Ever notice that it’s usually the people that shout, “I’m not a dick!”, the loudest that usually end up being the biggest dicks?

(Rin Vocaloid2) #152

You overlooked the last sentence in my previous post.

“Of course, like you said, we can’t ignore CCP either.”

(Brisc Rubal) #153

I don’t want folks to stop playing the game. But once they do, I don’t particularly care to listen to them bitch and moan about everything in the game for months after they’ve left. Once they’ve made the decision, it’s their decision.

If folks want to stick round and try to,change something they don’t like, I’m there to help. But the constant negativity doesn’t help anybody or anything.

(Theodarum) #154

All these drama lol

(Ahost Gceo) #155

I don’t think that’s necessarily a good way to approach prior players. There are numerous reasons why a player may leave the game ranging from personal matters to gameplay not being worth their time at the moment. If a prior player (especially if they have invested years into the game) cares enough to log back in to the forums to speak about an issue, regardless of whether they only offer complaints or not, then there is the possibility that player could return once certain conditions are met.

Prior players most likely don’t spend their time bitching and moaning without wanting to return.

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This is typical politician and lawyer talk, bending the truth. You know you actually have to buy the lootboxes for hard ISK? And ISK can be obtained with RL money. Also the other 40% of the Input can be bought with ISK.

This is a new quality, you can’t compare to loot drops the game was constructed around for the last 15 years.

(xxxTRUSTxxx) #157

heard an alliance mate say the following, crap i’m low on isk, ah feck it i’ll plex, don’t want to miss out on these loot boxes.

he’s a new player, had to grab his ass and stop him, took him ratting and yea, all good. but let’s just look at what he was about to do.

he was going to spend RL money to get plex to get isk so he could buy (The Gala Giftboxs) loot boxes.

how is this not a direct connection between spending RL cash to gamble in game?

(Brisc Rubal) #158

If they care enough to come on the forums and complain, they can care enough to log in once in a while.

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(Brisc Rubal) #160

Buying plex to be able to buy ships and other things in the game is the basic monetization that’s been part of EVE forever. He’s just making a bad decision in where to spend his isk, but I don’t see that as the same as directly buying a key or a loot box.

(EVGA Max) #161

Well said mate, I find the main issue with players who quit this game but hang around on this forum for months on end shoving their “opinion” around tiresome, either play the game, then share your opinion, or quit and leave. People who don’t play have no voice in the way Eve works, only the players do.