Idiot Player Please Ignore

(Drago Shouna) #162

■■■■■■■■, after playing for years any player has earned his right to an opinion.

Regardless of what you 2 think.

(EVGA Max) #163

I have watch you reply to threads, over the last two days most of the time it is combative, confrontational or just plain rude.

Stop, think, then reply in a diplomatic or constructive way.

You play Eve Online, you have a right as a paying customer
You quit this game, you are just a random person “giving what for” because you can’t quite quit so you sit on the forums running your mouth off. Well, you don’t play anymore so I can assure you sir, no one will listen to you because people will just say “you don’t play this game anymore, go away”

(Black Pedro) #164

Indeed. The is no fundamental difference between this loot box mechanic and the standard RNG-based loot tables that have been in the game since the beginning. Like say an exploration cache is just a loot box you have to spend time to find rather than ISK.

I get how it might feel different if the upfront cost is ISK or materials, and also how it is unfun to lose most of the time or have a loot table that isn’t generous enough, but conflating that with real lootboxes sold for cash isn’t helpful. Personally, I sort of agree that it makes little sense to add the additional hassle of a “lotto ticket” when the boss can just drop the loot directly, which has the added benefit that perhaps people can fight over it. It can’t be a major ISK sink, and if they want to increase the demand for the event ore they can add more things to build or maybe you use them to unlock an escalation or something, so I really I see no point to make players “lose” every time they want to roll on the loot table.

But really, if you are going to call this gambling, then you might as declare all the random areas of the game gambling. You have always been able to buy resources and put them into the game to “gamble” with via PLEX, so there is no reason to get all hyperbolic about this minor change.

(EVGA Max) #165

No, you have a right to an opinion. I would however be careful on Eve before Accusing CCP of things without proof to back it up.

(Tipa Riot) #166

Make them spend more for additional rolls?

(Aves Asio) #167

To get to the RNG part you had to buy a ship, put thought in to its fit, then go out and find and engage the mechanic that gives you a chance to spin the RNG wheel.

Now you can just sit in a station and engage in the RNG mechanic, its delibarete design.

(EVGA Max) #168

That is your opinion, it is not fact, some thing a lot of you who make these statements seem to forget.

(Drago Shouna) #169

Liar, or are you looking in a mirror?

It gets to a point where players like you and Brisc are not worth replying to as you can never accept a differing opinion.

One last time, if you think that PA are having nothing to do with the running of CCP you’re just stupid.

As for opinions, it’s just as well yours is irrelevant, CCP however thinks differently hence the emails to take part in surveys to inactive accounts they send out.

(Aves Asio) #171

You sir are on a need to know basis, also you have something brown on your nose.

(Foggy Bernstein) #172

That’s a pretty righteous diatribe from a character that didn’t even exist on this forum 10 days ago.

Is there any reason anyone should pay you the least bit of attention?

(Brisc Rubal) #173

That’s a freckle.

(Tecros Shtemerk) #174

That is your main problem, you do not understand that opinion of POTENTIAL customer is important as opinion of current customers…

(Daichi Yamato) #175

Thanks for replying. I do appreciate the attention you give the forums.

If we’re talking about players that have been playing the game for years, which i think we are, we’re talking about players that have spent large amounts of money and used to be loyal customers. We know the game worked for them at one point.

If changes happen that turn loyal customers into disloyal customers, surely that is a big deal.

Surely their feedback (or even behaviour) is more valuable than that of yet to be/short term customers who only may become loyal customers whether you give them what they want or not.

Bird in the hand is worth two in the bush kinda thing.

(Tecros Shtemerk) #176

Who cares what you oppose. You are tool not decision maker.

(Bjorn Tyrson) #177

I think that’s exactly the point. He cares about current players (the ones in the hand) not the squawking of former players who might come back.

Fact Is, people don’t quit a game for one reason, it’s always a multitude of reasons, the biggest one generally is that they have just gotten bored of it.
People will still point to complaints Sure, but fixing that complaint doesn’t actually guarantee them coming back for any length of time.

(EVGA Max) #178

Well said sir, well said

(Daichi Yamato) #179

Which begs the obvious question,

Why change the game to stop people quitting then?

Somehow feedback or behavior from former players was looked at and design decisions were made based upon that.

Isn’t that how many changes to the game came about?

(Bjorn Tyrson) #180

Because its easier, more efficient and cost effective to retain an existing customer than it is to get a new one, and a HELL of a lot easier than regaining a former customer.

As I said, people don’t quit because of a single issue, they quit because they have stopped enjoying the game as a whole and the one thing that kept them around got changed. those people are frankly a lost cause. But thats okay, no video game will ever be able to keep someones attention indefinitely.

On the flip side, if people are still enjoying the game, they will be willing to overlook a hell of a lot of other issues so long as they are still having fun. But the more of those underlying issues that have caused people to leave that you can fix, then the longer you will be able to retain that person as a customer.

you don’t fix the problems in the hopes of winning back former customers, 9 times out of 10 they are already a lost cause, you fix them to make things better for the people who are still around, and the new players who may be joining.

I never said that there was no value at all in the reasons why people left, but that information is of less use to CCP, and to the community than the opinions of those who are still here. Which is exactly the position that people like Brisc where elected to fulfill.

(Brisc Rubal) #181

Maybe it is for CCP, but not for me. I am not concerned with issues of former players. I’m concerned with representing my constituents - the people who are actively subscribed and playing. I am especially not concerned with listening to the gripes of bitter vets who wish the game could be rolled back to 2009. That’s not constructive.

(Brisc Rubal) #182

Players care. CCP cares. I don’t have to be a decision maker to have influence. That’s the entire point of the CSM.