Idiot Player Please Ignore

(Tecros Shtemerk) #183

Wake up, your influence is just illusion to enhance your primary function, you are TRANSMISION from CPP to …

(Bjorn Tyrson) #184

Just curious, whats your preferred brand of tinfoil? because at the rate your chewing it I’m thinking it might make a good stock investment.

(March rabbit) #185

BTW what happened to this thread? OP changed the title and starting post to some nonsense. :thinking:

(and why i cannot remove my like from it now?)

(Captain C0ld) #186

You know OP, you did something here. As always, the thread was full of negativism (me included), but it reminded me how passionate we are about the game, even though we are a small part of the EVE community.

If we are to exprience EVE Forever, the responsibilities are equal for us and CCP. Let’s do our part, especially we, the forum dwellers, who are the public face of EVE playerbase and be civil towards each other. We can save the hostility for the game.

And Brisc, rarely do I see a CSM so involved in the forums. Keep it up.

See you all in game. o7

(Daichi Yamato) #187

Did you just use my own argument to say I’m wrong?

(Uriel the Flame) #188

Isn’t it obvious? The CSM guy changed the title not OP, and did so to discredit the thread and its OP. This poor guy got bullied here.

/tinfoil /sarcasm


I think if you repeat click the heart you just add multiple likes. :stuck_out_tongue:

But be honest we all know that is what you want anyway just too shy to admit it. :heart:


(Hun Tra) #189

I think our emotional responses, conspiracy theories etc. say a lot about the gaming industry as a whole: We don’t trust things easily anymore, thanks to a few major game companies being so cynical with some decisions and pulling those decisions off, too. And of course on top of that, especially we EVE players don’t trust anything :smiley:

This distrust pours over to everywhere, from big companies to even that lonely indie dev in the corner.

I don’t have any particular point, just that we need to be more patient and wait and see how things go. In general, not just EVE. And of course, when we can make things better for all of us, we should. Before jumping into bandwagons, stop for a moment and think: Who gains for this bandwagon?

OP, your video showed a lot of passion you have for this game. Sure it was very tinfoil hat-ish, but that’s just the space madness kicking in :wink: I still don’t think you’re an idiot. Just someone who wants this game to be the best it can. Like us all, I’m sure. Even the devs. Especially the devs. :smiley:

When it comes to me, I’ve played EVE for almost ten years and while I don’t agree with all CCP’s decisions, I’m in here for the long haul. If that makes me a fool, so be it. I just like exploding spaceships and the lore of this amazing universe.

(Zachri) #190

The amount of time spent engaging opinions (as opposed to information) would be better spent simply killing each other in game.

(Ahost Gceo) #191

That’s a rather obtuse statement to make given your line of work outside of the game. You might as well say “If people care enough to complain about politics then they should vote once in a while”. I’m sure that to some degree the job of politician requires some effort put towards encouraging those who don’t vote currently to do so in your favor or for the issues you are focusing on.

Eve players vote with their money, and while you don’t get paid to be on CSM as far as I know, part of being a CSM member is to forward the concerns of players who voice their opinions, both subbed and unsubbed, so that CCP will make favorable changes to the game that makes players vote to support CCP with subs or other transactions. If there is a growing vocal constituency that chooses not to vote by subbing and playing and you’re choosing to ignore their opinions then it would seem you are not fulfilling part of the job you chose to take.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m glad to have you on the CSM. As others have said you are quite responsive and you have real life experience in a similar position, but I am hoping that you might tweak the way you view the people you are representing to include prior players who give meaningful feedback about why they choose not to vote with their wallets anymore.

(Brisc Rubal) #192

I absolutely say that everybody should vote and folks who don’t vote shouldn’t complain.

I understand the point. At the same time, if all these prior players are providing is negativity, it’s not helpful.

(Rexxar Santaro) #193


A revolution!

Now we go to a bright future!

(xxxTRUSTxxx) #194

let’s not sidetrack the currency conversion here please. euro > plex > isk > lootboxes.

how do you not see a connection?

if the new guy doesn’t have the isk and is aware of plex which they are, let’s be honest here the launcher makes sure they are aware of plex, then it’s doesn’t take a giant leap of imagination to see that without guidence from a player knowing better he would have wasted the isk on a gamble or as you said make a bad decision.

so the stance CCP is going to take on this is once the transaction of buying plex is done what the player does with that plex is their own business and if they decide to make a bad decision and use it to gamble on these (gift boxes) lootboxes that’s ok?

I’m not buying it even a little bit, the cash goes into CCP’s account regardless if it’s spent on game time or plex and if there is a drive to get players to make bad decisions like buying loot boxes using plex converted to isk it’s blame the player and not the host?

sounds a lot like, hey i only sell drugs, i don’t force anyone to buy them, an addict is an addict and they care not for making bad decisions, it’s part of their issue.

(Brisc Rubal) #195

The issue is that they can buy plex to buy anything in the game - whether they want to buy tickets for useless loot cans and take a risk, or buy a ship and take a risk, it’s essentially the same thing. If I buy $250 worth of plex and then send all the isk to a guy in Jita who promised me he’d double my isk, isn’t that just as bad as buying a bunch of tickets for a lootbox? This just isn’t different from other stuff already in the game.

(Officer McChicken Bawk) #196

May your passing cleanse the world.

(Officer McChicken Bawk) #197

This right here. I’m going to use your own argument against you so try not to cry.

This makes every opinion you have invalid, just on the basis that you are telling paying customers to go fix the issues that the company they are paying clearly state are against there terms and conditions. Last I checked it is CCPs job to police and deal with Bots as per there OBLIGATIONS inferred by there EULA and Terms and Conditions stating that Botting is against the rules of the game they produce and maintain.
So Telling players to go fix the problem the CCP is obligated to fix is invalidating your entire argument because you quite obviously cannot think rationally or logically.

(xxxTRUSTxxx) #198

agreed, you can never rule out a fool and their money soon parting ways, I can see what you are saying, how you risk your isk is up to you and that should never change, but loot boxes :nauseated_face:
I’m not fan of the whole lootbox thing, it is a gamble based on house rules, and the house always wins.

(Tecros Shtemerk) #199

Hi falcon, nice new puppet you have

(Drago Shouna) #200

There’s one other thing. When does a player stop playing?

When he un-subs?

When he Doomhiems?

When he/she doesn’t log on for a month or two?

Because a few years ago if you didn’t sub you didn’t play, end of.

But with the introduction of Alphas, we don’t need to sub, we log on and play (regardless of whether I agree with it or not) regardless of the time frame involved. Which makes every single account relevant.

I now log on with 20m SP, my main has well over 100m SP. I can still mine, mission run etc and mostly do whatever I want to.

My reason for logging on occasionally? To see if the things I don’t agree with have changed. They haven’t.

What we have are players coming in with an opinion about now, rather than knowing what it was before, which is always going to bring this conflict of opinions.

Just because a player let their sub lapse doesn’t mean he/she shouldn’t show an interest in the game, or isn’t allowed an opinion anymore.

(Brisc Rubal) #201

I know. I’m not a loot box fan either.

(Brisc Rubal) #202

As far as I’m concerned, when you announce “I don’t play anymore” that’s where the line is drawn. I don’t care is your accounts went Alpha or you only login once a month or you can’t vote for CSM, you’re still a player until you make the conscious decision to quit and tell everybody.