If CCP made Omega membership cheaper and did away with Alpha, would the game be better off?

A game I used to play seriously, World War II Online: Battleground Europe, recently adopted a similar model. Infantry Pack Subscription, Air Force Pack Subscription, Infantry + Armor Subscription, etc. They did that after surveying the players, and it seems to be working. But the players in that game are different. Some love it so much that they donate RL cash (and get a “Builder” icon on their char) to keep it going.

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I don’t see how price would have any effect on whether or not players choose to play Eve online. If you really like a game and want to play it badly you are going to pay whatever price it is as long as you have a decent job and the cost of actually playing the game isn’t anything as ridiculous as the price of exclusives and “DLC” you find in Eve online that only enhance or decorate your game play… (20$ for an extra skill queue, 20$ for a skin, etc, basically everything you find in the New Eden Store that isn’t an Omega subscription and tend to cost more than a subscription. Especially anything that says “FREE” or “For Sale” next to it…what a load of ****!).

(rough estimating prices)

When you look at it that way 20$ for 500 PLEX or a month of Omega is actually quite cheap and the value of PLEX has effectively doubled in the past few years (thanks to bots) and not the dwindling player base otherwise it would actually be worth much less because players aren’t buying as much PLEX from CCP instead of inflating from overuse and purchasing in game with ISK (likely due to lots and lots of bots).

For those who aren’t familiar a regular multiboxer could have dozens of accounts and not using input broadcasting, actual legit player. A botter can literally run hundreds of accounts that all pay for themselves with in game ISK per month.

People actually try to make an argument that bots don’t have an impact on the economy of Eve. They are literally buying more PLEX (with ISK) than the people remaining who actually play this game and buy PLEX with IRL money.

Literally an artificial demand to create an artificially fed inflation.

but what ccp have to offer for this 15 euro? In other games you gain access to some content, fun, journey, sandbox whatever - in eve you got blackout for this price, 0 fun, loneliness,uncertainty, ■■■■ not pvp called harassing - rly… for 15 euro? ■■■■ no!. it should be for FREE.
Eve even dont have good market now - it is pointless to pay for this, only addicted to hell people pay, but gamer who have brains actualy - dont pay.

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Are you in a corp? Problem fixed…Uncertainty? Get out of that stressful area then and to an area you are comfortable with…problem fixed…

The onus is on YOU to make the game enjoyable, not CCP. If you can’t do than then EVE is not the game for you…


The possible loneliness and more so the uncertainty are definitely what I am happy paying for.

I think the price is fine, I pay yearly now, but would be nice to get a bit of free Plex or other goodies.

I just like getting presents.


If CCP had the 1 month Omega sub keep pace with inflation in the US the price of a sub would be $21.11/month. You’ve been getting a steady discount each year…

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I dont play in Middle Class Null much, so Im still getting my worth. If you dont is grounds for quitting paying it sure, but what you and I consider worth 15 euros probably differs greatly.

yeh you dont understand… you will when you join corp and this all members in this corp will be 1 men and tones of his alts. you will understand when you will chase a rifter engage it and 2 falcons shows (another 2 accounts of rifter guy) to kill your punisher. pay for it. multiplayer game when everyone plays alone - because it is MOST profitable

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It’s a tough call. At some point, a marketing analyst has told CCP that if they lower the price of the monthly subscription then it will be viewed by customers as having less value. (And therefore less attractive). Another way of saying it is like this: The cheaper the product, the worse it looks. With that in mind, I think CCP wants to be in the ballpark of other subscription based MMO games. It’s not really the price that’s the problem, it’s the quality of the product. Regional pricing should be considered whenever possible, though.

As far as alpha accounts… that’s a lot more complicated. Right now, I feel that the game is absolutely terrible if you play as an alpha. The experience is bad for the player, so of course they won’t subscribe. But that’s my guess, and it’s just one of many reasons that Eve doesn’t retain many new players. The water is very muddy here, and we don’t have much data on the subject either. Everyone is making educated guesses, but they are still just guesses.

I think CCP is prioritizing new player experience and alpha accounts right now. That’s a good priority, but I think they’ll miss the mark and dig the hole a little deeper. There are problems with content across the board. I don’t mean player made content, I mean the playground. The swing’s wrapped up on the bar above it, the rocky horses aren’t rocking, and the jungle gym… oh the horror. The horror.

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Remove Alpha/Omega.

$9.99 USD / Month
With a one time limited 30 day free trial.

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