If you had 100 pilots at your disposal

… for a whole month …
… what would you do with them?

They’d be doing any ingame-activity you want.

Whatever’s possible …
… they can do.

You can play with them …
… assign them tasks …
… go on fleets …
… whatever!

Real players!
Not alts!


I would destroy the Tranquility Trading Towers. Or at least give it a try!


I would unsubscribe 99.


I’m convinced using alt accounts sucks all the fun out of playing EvE.


… I …
… would hunt down …
… and destroy …
… your hundred characters …

… Mr …
… Epeen …


I’d make a serious effort to attempt a group circumnavigation of New Eden.

Doing my best to emulate the great explorers of history, I’d probably divide the 100 players into multiple groups, along the lines of a polar expedition attempt, with various sub-groups, providing support for the main group’s effort with supply caches along the proposed route.

And, I’d treat players who’d lost a ship (without suffering podding as well) as injured/wounded “mates”, with the intent of reshipping them from the supply caches, planted by the “support” parties.

lol, actually, I’ve been thinking about doing this. Not with a 100 players; but, still…


I’d make them all do lvl 4 missions for 8hr’s a day and give me all the iskies earned, plus all lp to be cashed in and donated to my retirement fund. No point using them for anything else you cannot get much done in 30 days even with 100 people.

Split them into two groups, set to mutual war and allowed a starting budget of say 500 mil. Personal wallets are set to no more than 25m and a T1 frigate apiece.

Assign two High Sec starting systems for em that are ideally within 10 jumps of each other, but poorly placed for Hub access (somewhere like north Aridia).

Objective: No Holds Barred Survival of the fittest Iron Man Challenge.


Use or create any one character you like. No alts. Both groups must not exceed 50 pilots each.

If podded, that character must leave the group and join my Undead Army.

First group to eliminate the other wins.

Resource control and starvation are acceptable. In fact, anything that doesnt break the EULA is permissible in any strategy aimed at making one group superior and less likely to be eliminated than the other.

Surrenders can be offered between players in two opposing groups, receiving group is allowed to decided how players surrendering are treated. (Eliminated and Imprisoned pilots will join my Undead Army)

The Undead Army will act as wild card to stimulate conflict and generally provide unpredictability.

My word is final in any rules query during the challenge.

Oh yeah and no PLEXing during the challenge. Future challenges may make it legal to buy PLEX with Group earnings, but that would be a matter for theoretical future me.


I’d split them into 4 groups of 25, have them join different corps and alliances, and then go about breaking the rules and fighting other entities trying to provoke some wars.

Whenever there wasn’t an opportunity to stir up some hornet’s nests, I’d the divide them into groups of 12-13 each and have them roam Nullsec to send some ships running and provoke other ships to respond. They would run, fight, or call in some of the other roaming packs as seemed best to cause the most disruption.

When the month was over, they’d all write emails to the people they had annoyed the most, saying how they’d been hired by some opposing entity to kick over their sandcastles.

Note: This would all be done in a manner to stir up strife, as opposed to trying to mine salt.


What is the difference?


do it like Olmeca. Camp and steal MESS loot. And let the other side pay for it.

Trust me, that’s just you.

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Au contraire, mon ami.

You can mass report forum posts you find objectionable. Or just because you don’t like the way they made their avatar. Or because you had one too many shots of Jack.

You will be the king of the forum in mere days. The power you’ll wield will do more damage than anything your 100 could accomplish in game. Many of your forum victims will join Doomheim and start over with a new character rather than risk your righteous fury.

Mr Epeen :sunglasses:


Would a… primary the Logitics.

strip 99 of them of all assets, sell those 99 on the forums and then invest the ISK in my own characters


Awox the rest of my corp, to start with @Josah_Nakrar

Competition: 4 groups of 25, each broken down into 5 man squads. They use a 25 man filament to get in, then the 5 man squads shotgun to different ESS site. Whichever team of 25 has the most kills and isk stolen wins.

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Wins what?

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I didn’t think that far ahead.