Ignoitton is invaded! And it can go final liminality!

Test pay group of people to shot anyone doing sites or roamings

Guess villy care more about this system then niarja

Snuff is also being paid off by Vily to keep the system safe for krabs. Guess that means that TEST are the real kings of lowsec, aren’t they?

It seems to be more that CCP has a scripted outcome and there is little reason to get involved. It looks like participation is irrelevant unless you want a new outfit.

Guess the null sec blocs are in agreement over the outcome.

Wonder if the outcome would have been different if this system was in the Serenity ‘bucket’?

Even if system times out, it might get Edencom Cynojammer and require constant clearing for JF use. Certainly a slight inconvinience anyway.

Happened in Passari for example.

All lowsec dwellers were ever good at was being the zombies wandering around in the parking lot around the shopping mall.

For the end of the event sure, but individual systems are affected by players actions, we could as a playerbase decide we wanted this to go liminal or fortress, either of which will upset the nullbears, but, nobody seems to have the testicular fortitude to take such an action, not even the other nullbears :stuck_out_tongue:

It would have likely just ended up as a fort almost instantly i would imagine

Ignoitten has timed out.

It was trending towards an EDENCOM victory for a while but TEST and allies held it at 60% influence so neither side could claim victory. This is only the second time a Liminal system has timed out.

Two new potential lowsec Liminalities have also spawned, I’m curious as to what would happen if both were taken by the Triglavian Collective as many people have speculated that the event will end after 27 systems enter Final Liminality.

27 seems like a very big brain number for something like this. 30 seems just as likely to me.

Its not only nullbears that use Ignoittion. Many of us use it to get goodies in and out of low sec.

Trigs like triangles and the number 3. 27 is 3^3. Guess it doesn’t matter because we’re going to get one today or tomorrow.

Blackout needs to return with trigs invading Null.

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Also don’t forget to include Drifters too.

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by the way

I hear the system got a cyno jammer up in the end :slight_smile:


TOTALITY STATUS HAVE BEEN REACH https://prntscr.com/updelj

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