[IKAME] Semiki investigative work

(Elsebeth Rhiannon) #116

I am not sure that baiting CONCORD to pay attention to your show is what you actually want to do, sister.

(Galm Eskola-Fae) #117

I can’t believe I’m saying this but… Far be it from me to advise people on matters of legality given the rumored tenuous relationship between warclones and SARO, right? But I strongly recommend you do what the nice man in the black armor says.

CONCORD is by and large a reactionary force, not a proactive one. For them to go out of their way to break SOP by having one of their lead commanders request these artifacts would constitute either an immense imbalance of power or an outright existential threat to the cluster at wide.

Maybe when the DED hints at a major cataclysm resulting from hordeing precursor artifacts that we barely understand you should take them at face value considering the last time this happened my kind collectively “went 514” and instigated violence and chaos on an galactic scale. Violence that led to wholesale purges of anyone employing the technology regardless of their mental state that, while constituting genocide against my people, probably prevented far greater chaos and destruction that the cluster would have been completely unprepared for.

Historically speaking, to not comply isn’t just selfish and arrogant but outright negligent and puts the entirty of the cluster at risk.

(Jason Galente) #118

Maybe things were different where you grew up, but I learned very quickly that if someone doesn’t trust me, I cannot trust them.

(Jason Galente) #119

Or a bit of information they don’t want the public to know.

They have a history of doing this. If it weren’t for The Scope having some balls and leaking the footage, we would’ve never known about Hilen Tukoss and had some advanced notice for the Drifter hives. They tried to bury that too. They screwed Lucas Raholan over something similar to this, that was not a threat to the cluster. They did it with Valerie. They do it a lot

(Valerie Valate) #120

All they had to do, was to ask me nicely instead of being rude.

(Nauplius) #121

It is obvious to me that these artifacts belong in the hands of the most forward-thinking, honorable, and holy politician in all of New Eden – Sa-Baron @Alar_Chakaid.

Only he would have the courage to employ these artifacts in the great issue of our time – suppressing slave revolts. Perhaps an Emergent Threat Case Red Gamma Incident Class A would be sufficient to suppress a city-scale slave revolt, while a Class B would be needed for a Provincial scale revolt, while a Class AB Incident could suppress a slave revolt on a planetary scale. Empirical testing will be required to determine the number and type of artifacts needed to suppress each size of slave revolt, of course, and I know of no better leader to carry out such testing on live slaves while ignoring the bleating of liberal activists than the Sa-Baron.

I propose to all my fellow Amarr Loyalists that we plot to acquire these artifacts by whatever means required, open or deceptive, and then we supply them to Sa-Baron Chakaid. Amen. Amarr Victor.

Off-Topic Thread
(Aldrith Shutaq) #122

No, please die.

(Verzak Bastrom) #123

Well, well, well.
So the possible solutions are only two, either give them for research or give them to CONCORD.
Absolutely no point in hiding them away, it will solve nothing and just delay the inevitable, whether that be CONCORD doing something and retrieving them or the trinary stuff coalesces into a 7 headed monster and eats us all, whatever comes first, that is.

So, what will ARC choose?
Delivering them to the researchers to see CONCORD retrieve them and sanction ARC or deliver them to CONCORD directly?

I see really only one option here.

(Annisir Kaugan) #124

Fighting 7 headed monsters could be fun though.

(Aria Jenneth) #125

Oh, I fully expect CONCORD or someone closely associated to murder basically all of us once we outlive our usefulness, me included. I just kind of accept that. I’d even say it’s something I trust will happen eventually. It doesn’t feel to me like beings that kill so easily have a right to complain about being killed.

In the meantime I have a part to play, and I’m happy to play it.

(In other words, I of course don’t trust CONCORD to have my best interests at heart. Why would they? … that doesn’t mean I should try to fight them, though.)

(Chan'aar) #126

So now that Mr Angry Concord Guy has told us that twenty thousand of these things in one place is dangerous, how many of us are building a pile …

(Valerie Valate) #127

A frankly ridiculous notion.

It would coalesce into a 3 or 9 headed monster.

“7”. The very idea is preposterous !

(Galm Eskola-Fae) #128

Normally I’d be inclined to agree. Cases of deception and lack of transparency are nothing new for CONCORD. Notably, they still have failed to deliver their report on Case Green Magic to the public despite the ever present danger it supposedly poses to the cluster.

But the tone of apparent urgency presented, combined with the fact that the issue here seems to be the sure concentrated volume of trinary relics rather than possession of individual relics themselves, speaks to this being less about CONCORD manipulation and more genuine shock and a scramble to correct before something goes array.

Yes, CONCORD has often hidden knowledge from the public. But likewise, this means CONCORD is aware of certain dangers and threats that the public is not privy to. Yes, their ultimatum is unhelpfully vague and imposing rather than giving anyone a reason to understand their urgency. But if anyone knew of some eldritch existential threat posed by these relics it’d be them.

As previously mentioned by other’s there’s already really only one option here, and on even just the chance that there is a significant emergent threat on the horizon isn’t it better that we assume CONCORD to be telling the truth rather than unleashing some danger we barely understand for the sake of your own pride?

At the very least, attempt to find a compromise where some of the relics are forwarded for research while the bulk of the stockpile is turned over to the DED to prevent whatever calamity they think they’re heralding.

(Arrendis) #129

No it doesn’t. It speaks to CONCORD being embarrassed as hell to suddenly realize that when ARC said months ago that they were collecting and stockpiling these things for their own research, that meant a capsuleer organization that has literally spent years amassing a huge supply of Drifter elements was, you know, actually collecting and stockpiling these things.

And now CONCORD’s been caught flat-footed and has to come up with some ‘OH NOEZ! THAT MANY IN ONE PLACE IS DANGEROUS!!!’ nonsense.

@Makoto_Priano - how long have these things all been in one place? Is this a new thing that hasn’t been perfectly stable for a while now? And if it is a new thing… why not just break it up again?

If this many trinaries being in the same place is a legit threat, Mr. Eskola-Fae, why hasn’t CONCORD just said ‘or just don’t store them all together. Get them into chunks of no more than X in the same station/system’? Seems that’d fix the ‘threat’ much quicker, and without CONCORD having to steal peoples’ legitimately-obtained property.

(Galm Eskola-Fae) #130

Yeah, weird that bit right? It’s almost as if we’ve known literally nothing about these artifacts since they emerged and any discoveries about the danger they pose would have had to have been discovered fairly recently.

Or almost like CONCORD wasn’t keeping tabs on people’s individual inventories or anticipated that an organisation would gather enough to be able to dump 20,000 frakking glowing orbs at the drop of a hat and that they are probably holding onto many, many more.

CONCORD’s incompetence on this doesn’t change the fact that evidently this amount of relics in private hands is a threat to New Eden. Especially when held by an organisation that has been frequently criticized as collaborating with pirate entities. Or the fact that ignoring this threat is childish and irresponsible.

(Teinyhr) #131

Evidently usually implies there is evidence. Which CONCORD has not given.

Whole thing sounds totally bogus. If CONCORD has anything to back up its claims that the frakking glowing orbs are dangerous, I’d be glad to hear those. Now, I don’t like ARC as much as the next guy, but if someone told me to cough up my lunch money because holding onto them is dangerous, I’d fight back. After laughing in their face first of course.

(Diana Kim) #132

There are different hands. Some are worse than others.
I am glad that CONCORD reacted.

(Makoto Priano) #133

Thank you, pilots, for your many and varied viewpoints on this matter. Please understand that at this time ARC is choosing to utilize the grace period to reach out to appropriate authorities on a variety of matters relating to the Semiki crisis, and to explore our options moving forward.

At this time, ARC does not have a formal statement to issue on the matter, as work is on-going. However, I would like to note that our primary interest remains complying with all appropriate authorities as we assist in the Semiki crisis, which in this case involves maximizing research work at our Semiki facilities without risking containment failures.

A more in-depth treatment of the matter will be released in coming days.

(Arrendis) #134

‘Evidently’ by what evid-oh, dammit, @Teinyhr :slight_smile:

Seriously though, no. There’s about as much ‘evidence’ that the only threat these things present is to CONCORD. You want to establish that there’s ‘evidently’ a threat, get some evidence.

(Echerie Saissore) #135

Other interested parties have stockpiles of datastreams as well. I, for one, will continue my own research.