[IKAME] Semiki investigative work

(Aria Jenneth) #125

Oh, I fully expect CONCORD or someone closely associated to murder basically all of us once we outlive our usefulness, me included. I just kind of accept that. I’d even say it’s something I trust will happen eventually. It doesn’t feel to me like beings that kill so easily have a right to complain about being killed.

In the meantime I have a part to play, and I’m happy to play it.

(In other words, I of course don’t trust CONCORD to have my best interests at heart. Why would they? … that doesn’t mean I should try to fight them, though.)

(Chan'aar) #126

So now that Mr Angry Concord Guy has told us that twenty thousand of these things in one place is dangerous, how many of us are building a pile …

(Valerie Valate) #127

A frankly ridiculous notion.

It would coalesce into a 3 or 9 headed monster.

“7”. The very idea is preposterous !

(Galm Eskola-Fae) #128

Normally I’d be inclined to agree. Cases of deception and lack of transparency are nothing new for CONCORD. Notably, they still have failed to deliver their report on Case Green Magic to the public despite the ever present danger it supposedly poses to the cluster.

But the tone of apparent urgency presented, combined with the fact that the issue here seems to be the sure concentrated volume of trinary relics rather than possession of individual relics themselves, speaks to this being less about CONCORD manipulation and more genuine shock and a scramble to correct before something goes array.

Yes, CONCORD has often hidden knowledge from the public. But likewise, this means CONCORD is aware of certain dangers and threats that the public is not privy to. Yes, their ultimatum is unhelpfully vague and imposing rather than giving anyone a reason to understand their urgency. But if anyone knew of some eldritch existential threat posed by these relics it’d be them.

As previously mentioned by other’s there’s already really only one option here, and on even just the chance that there is a significant emergent threat on the horizon isn’t it better that we assume CONCORD to be telling the truth rather than unleashing some danger we barely understand for the sake of your own pride?

At the very least, attempt to find a compromise where some of the relics are forwarded for research while the bulk of the stockpile is turned over to the DED to prevent whatever calamity they think they’re heralding.

(Arrendis) #129

No it doesn’t. It speaks to CONCORD being embarrassed as hell to suddenly realize that when ARC said months ago that they were collecting and stockpiling these things for their own research, that meant a capsuleer organization that has literally spent years amassing a huge supply of Drifter elements was, you know, actually collecting and stockpiling these things.

And now CONCORD’s been caught flat-footed and has to come up with some ‘OH NOEZ! THAT MANY IN ONE PLACE IS DANGEROUS!!!’ nonsense.

@Makoto_Priano - how long have these things all been in one place? Is this a new thing that hasn’t been perfectly stable for a while now? And if it is a new thing… why not just break it up again?

If this many trinaries being in the same place is a legit threat, Mr. Eskola-Fae, why hasn’t CONCORD just said ‘or just don’t store them all together. Get them into chunks of no more than X in the same station/system’? Seems that’d fix the ‘threat’ much quicker, and without CONCORD having to steal peoples’ legitimately-obtained property.

(Galm Eskola-Fae) #130

Yeah, weird that bit right? It’s almost as if we’ve known literally nothing about these artifacts since they emerged and any discoveries about the danger they pose would have had to have been discovered fairly recently.

Or almost like CONCORD wasn’t keeping tabs on people’s individual inventories or anticipated that an organisation would gather enough to be able to dump 20,000 frakking glowing orbs at the drop of a hat and that they are probably holding onto many, many more.

CONCORD’s incompetence on this doesn’t change the fact that evidently this amount of relics in private hands is a threat to New Eden. Especially when held by an organisation that has been frequently criticized as collaborating with pirate entities. Or the fact that ignoring this threat is childish and irresponsible.

(Teinyhr) #131

Evidently usually implies there is evidence. Which CONCORD has not given.

Whole thing sounds totally bogus. If CONCORD has anything to back up its claims that the frakking glowing orbs are dangerous, I’d be glad to hear those. Now, I don’t like ARC as much as the next guy, but if someone told me to cough up my lunch money because holding onto them is dangerous, I’d fight back. After laughing in their face first of course.

(Diana Kim) #132

There are different hands. Some are worse than others.
I am glad that CONCORD reacted.

(Makoto Priano) #133

Thank you, pilots, for your many and varied viewpoints on this matter. Please understand that at this time ARC is choosing to utilize the grace period to reach out to appropriate authorities on a variety of matters relating to the Semiki crisis, and to explore our options moving forward.

At this time, ARC does not have a formal statement to issue on the matter, as work is on-going. However, I would like to note that our primary interest remains complying with all appropriate authorities as we assist in the Semiki crisis, which in this case involves maximizing research work at our Semiki facilities without risking containment failures.

A more in-depth treatment of the matter will be released in coming days.

(Arrendis) #134

‘Evidently’ by what evid-oh, dammit, @Teinyhr :slight_smile:

Seriously though, no. There’s about as much ‘evidence’ that the only threat these things present is to CONCORD. You want to establish that there’s ‘evidently’ a threat, get some evidence.

(Echerie Saissore) #135

Other interested parties have stockpiles of datastreams as well. I, for one, will continue my own research.

(Veikitamo Gesakaarin) #136

One of these days we will all be found in violation of CONCORD Special Directive Case Ochre Aleph. The full details of which are sealed by order of Case Cerulean Tau, which is part of the sub-directive, Case Burnt Syenna Sigma.

(Jason Galente) #137

No, it’s not the only option. They outright demanded the surrender of assets of significant value. They implied the danger was in the concentration of them, and instead of saying “Separate them into many separate caches”, they said “Gimme.”

I don’t trust that and I never will. They want capsuleers to do their dirty work for them and then surrender the fruits of that labor at command.

How about no.

(Galm Eskola-Fae) #138

Good luck with that.

(Nauplius) #139

It is sad to see Lady Aspenstar “liking” a post requesting me to die. Since when should a suggestion that artifacts be delivered to a legitimate Khanid Kingdom official (instead of CONCORD!) be worthy of death? Truly, this is a wicked and vile generation.

(Trii Seo) #140

Ah, Oveg and a CONCORD intervention. I wondered how long until the lot shows up.

I feel the need to be brutally honest, as with the average attention span of a capsuleer these days some people might have forgotten the larger scope of this entire case.

The Arataka Research Consortium is far from a bunch of dim-witted idiots with stones to bash a relic open and sticks to prod what falls out. They are, quite frankly, a professional group to the point of having things like standards, things like peer review. Even bloody uniforms.

They have worked with Triglavian relics ever since their recovery. Stored large quantities of them, examined them, ran simulations on them.

To think, in any way, that no safeguards were ever developed, that there are no contingencies planned is to display a level of short-sightedness that can only be attributed to a panic knee-jerk reaction.

While the behavior is understandable given the nature of many capsuleers, shelving everyone under the same label speaks a lot about CONCORD and their prejudices. Similarily do attempts to intervene by force rather than reinforce and offer backup.

I ask you - how are we, the capsuleers - those first to raise our weapons at the sign of others trying to impose their will upon us, to react?

If a man who is equal to us, one of us, does so he is met with the spooling of chainguns. So, what should we do now that an outsider who makes himself superior makes demands to ne of us?

(Jaret Victorian) #141

Splendid, Captain Drust’s statement already gives us an exceptional amount of CRG related information by its mere existence.

Cpt. Drust, surely you understand that it is not our intent to worsen the situation, or cause an incident involving the entities “A” and/or “B” at the given moment, although I recall my colleagues having an exceptional history with taking care of containment challenges of the sort.

Still, I am sure, given the circumstances in Semiki, and officer Kauntora Itkaku of the Ishukone Watch specifically requesting rogue drone nexus chips, artificial intelligences, and materials, as well as trinary datastreams for the purposes of resolving the malware situation and securing the wellbeing of State citizens (and anyone else caught in the crisis), such orders (and by a CONCORD official no less) put quite a handful of lives at risk.

Therefore, before we proceed in any direction, it would be prudent for the current situation and probable future encounters to share the specification on the stable-and-safe amount of the samples and guarantees that the stockpile is indeed headed for safekeeping to be used in resolving the Semiki situation.

(Krzysztof Niwinski) #142

Triglavian sends message to pilots of New Eden: “You can’t have more fear ■■■■ in your spacesuits than you have already had. Stop talking. Move forward”

(Akrasjel Lanate) #143

One day left till the end of the ultimatum deadline.

(DutchGunner) #144

In order of transparency, I have a small update.

The last few days I have been hard at work at collecting as many Triglavian Datastreams as possible. I am happy to report that I will deliver these on sunday to replace the ones that have been seized.

I am once again offering to transport the seized batch completely, or part of it, to Mastakomon XI - Moon 2 - DED Assembly Plant after delivering the newly collected samples.

I will carry several secured containers in order to keep the Datastreams as seperated as possible. Both for delivering the new samples and, if my offer is accepted, I would be transporting the seized samples this way.

The replacement samples consists of:

187x Triglavian Trinary Datastream AEA1
172x Triglavian Trinary Datastream AEA2
157x Triglavian Trinary Datastream AEA3
165x Triglavian Trinary Datastream AFN1
162x Triglavian Trinary Datastream AFN2
164x Triglavian Trinary Datastream AFN3
168x Triglavian Trinary Datastream DAV1
181x Triglavian Trinary Datastream DAV2
180x Triglavian Trinary Datastream DAV3
170x Triglavian Trinary Datastream HFN1
187x Triglavian Trinary Datastream HFN2
181x Triglavian Trinary Datastream HFN3

Delivery will once again be at the Aliastra Liason Center in Semiki.