I'm still alive

I’m still alive folks.

Come bask in the glory of my face, and remember me. I been here for like 16 fookin’ years.

Damn, the ninjas failed again.


16 years hmmm, how about you give me all your isk, and I’ll surely bask in the glory of your wallet.

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If you can unclench my ass it’s yours

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nothx, OP. I prefer House Harkkonnen

My other character is Fayd Harkonnen.

That makes you an imposter, Feyd is spelt with an E not an A. Furthermore the player behind Feyd wasn’t a overly boastful twat.


True, Sting is a really intense twat


Ohh forgot about Sting. Who’s playing him in the new Dune?

I see that Dave Bautista has a part in it.

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Im not sure. It doesnt seem like there’s mention of him, from my cursory search.

"Feyd is a major player in Dune , present from nearly the beginning. He is the nephew of the villainous Baron Vladimir Harkonnen and is the Baron’s heir-apparent. He also serves as a narrative foil for Dune 's hero, Paul Atreides. Both are charismatic, cunning young noblemen who have received the greatest education and combat training. But where Paul displays compassion and loyalty, Feyd cares only for himself and the acquisition of power.

The entire novel builds to a fateful confrontation between the two, but there has been no footage or casting announcements regarding Feyd-Rautha – not even a mention of the character’s name. For staunch fans of Dune , Feyd’s absence has set off some alarms. The true purpose behind avoiding any mention of Feyd is unclear, but there are few likely scenarios to explain it.

The simplest and most likely explanation is that Feyd-Rautha is played by someone super famous who audiences wouldn’t expect and the creators want to surprise audiences with his appearance. David Lynch’s 1984 adaptation famously cast the musician Sting in the role. Alejandro Jodorowsky’s unmade version in the '70s would have seen Mick Jagger playing the part. It’s entirely possible that Denis Villeneuve has followed suit and picked someone famous outside the realm of film and TV to play Feyd."

By Ari David


Yeah, it looks like that one is being kept under the hat, IMDB doesn’t have anybody listed for Feyd; looks like an allstar cast though.


I could see Keanu Reeves in it. Of course, Johnny Depp could easily make the role his own.
Anyone have other suggestions?

Johnny Depp?

I can see it now, “I’ve got a jar of spice” while prancing around in the desert in a still suit.


Could be Tye Sherian. He appeared then vanished off their imdb page for dune in 2019

Bloke from ready player one?

Yea, also played cyclops in x-men reboot

Who are you??

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Some kind of wannabe elite apparently :roll_eyes: