Imperial Frontiers - USTZ - PVP & PVE

Imperial Frontiers is like the East India Company and the French Foreign Legion in some ways. Imperial Frontiers will be an alliance that operates in the frontiers of the Amarr Empire to exploit the resources there and will be PvP focused. I know, not exactly like the East India Company but similar in that we will go out into the scary frontiers, have a military force, and want to make ISK! Well the East India didn’t make ISK, but wealth anyway.

Kind of like the Foreign Legion in that we will accept members outside of Amarr, no restrictions on that, but we will be a alliance initially formed by Amarr corporations and will likely always be within the Amarr Empire or the frontiers of the Amarr Empire. Or at the very least, it will have all began in the Imperial Frontiers!

Of course in the future we would hope to find other like minded corporations that may want to join the alliance but for now the focus is just building up the main entry level corporation of the alliance, Imperial Frontiers Expedition.

There are so many great stories of wars and exploits in this fantastic universe, my hope is that we will be able to create a story of our own.

Looking for members that would like to move out to low sec and are at least interested in PvP. We are not aiming to be pirates but rather live out and low sec, build our own little place, and run small gang and fleets against other PvPers. Currently we are living out of a NPC station but but will certainly be looking to create infrastructure and expand as we grow and are able to support and defend it for isk making activities. While PvP is a big part of what we want to do, we know everyone needs and wants to make iskies and we will all be doing that as well.

Requirements to join Imperial Frontiers Expedition

  • USTZ
  • At least 3 mil SP
  • Mature members
  • At least interested and willing to do small gang and fleet PvP.
  • Self sufficient and can make isk for own ships.
  • Willing to join a smaller corporation just getting started.

If you are looking for a low sec PvP corp and you would like to learn more, please join our discord at Imperial Frontiers or join our in game channel at “Imperial Frontiers”.

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Come have a chat with me if you are interested! In game channel “Imperial Frontiers”, or join the discord using the link above.

Come join and lets do some pvp! If you are 5 mil sp but have not done pvp before but are interested, this may be just what you are looking for!

While we are pvp focused, this doesn’t mean if you love doing combat sites, mining, and all that stuff that this is not the place for you, PvP focused is stressed in that we want people willing to fleet up on important fleets, and want to go on pvp fleets some, join fleets often enough to know how to fly in the fleet and not suck when you show up to important fleets, it is not that you have to show up to every single fleet that goes out. Should be a great place to get started in pvp if you have never done it. pvp does not have to be your main focus, but just something you like or want to do.

Minimum SP requirement of 5 mil is because we are not really set up at the moment to take on new players and give them what they need to learn and stay hooked in the game. I would rather see them join some of these other corps more focused towards them. Exceptions could be made to the SP requirement ofc, but talk to us! If anything we will be here when you get to 5 mil. Mainly I would just like to see that a player has gotten a well enough handle on the game that they will be able to figure things out in low sec, how to make isk, do things on own etc. Which isn’t hard but I think a week 1 character could certainly struggle without some good guidance.

We will be focused on growing and living in low sec, not just gate camping and farming kills of people passing through! PvP does not have to be your biggest priority however we are looking for people interested in PvP!

Great PvE opportunities, ratting, combat sites, plenty of ways to make iskies!

Need more brave capsoleers willing to go out into the wild Frontiers!

Help us get started and join today! If you are interested in low sec then come give it a try!

Still looking for brave capsoleers ready to give low sec a go! I will be away from the computer until Monday so hit me up on discord if you are interested!