Imperial Pharmacy join to Aegis Militia

Those of us who accomplished something without every step being an embarassment?

Please, prove me wrong. Seek out the worst of us and do… something.

I would prefer them to seek out the worst of us, get lost in a wormhole, and never return.

The ends don’t justify the means.

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Of course they do, otherwise you wouldn’t run public fleets for the cause.


At least you get the basics, then.

Having principles is a lonely road. But yes, I am not recruiting. I’m glad you’re amused, though, but I think you’ll be waiting a very long time for me to stop being a critic.

You look at me and see weakness, because my corporation has a member count of one. You look at PIE and see weakness, because they have strict recruitment standards. You see this and think that you will be greater by recruiting every wretch you can find. But numbers without virtue are worth nothing. That flawed belief is the thing that is killing Amarr. That flawed belief is why the 24th Imperial Crusade exists, a mass of faithless mercenaries and Sanists who were even allowed in the Succession Trials with Cardinal Itharem declaring their combat prowess to be all that Amarrian leadership apparently cares about. That flawed belief is why someone who flagrantly violated Shathol’Syn was allowed to be empress, and why King Khanid was pardoned.

Amarr is diseased, and you think the cure is to inject it with even more poison. Sickening.

It is better to lose righteously than to achieve victory through sin. An Amarr saved through evil, is an Amarr not worth saving.

The 24th Imperial Crusade, CVA, Amarr as a whole these days…

Really, it’s easier to count the ones that aren’t.


They’re certainly not perfect, but they’re not open to anyone.

I fully admit that I’ve made mistakes in the handling of my fleet. Participants, their discipline, and even my own actions have been flawed at times. But I don’t pretend these issues and incidents were anything less than personal failings that I needed to correct.


Doctor, you’re a genius. I just question your medicine.

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Well, I’m clapping, too. You guys are probably one of the funniest self-inflicted recto-cranial inversions I’ve ever seen, and I’ve flown alongside Spacemonkey’s… and DBRB, the man whose propensity for error is so great, one of his screw-ups caused BRAVE.

That’s true. I couldn’t get in this past Friday, and I followed them around repping them and confusing literally everyone on both sides. It was fun. I was kinda disappointed in that Thrasher gang, though… you’d think they could catch one freakin’ Inquisitor on a gate…


I accept your challenge, perhaps understand your frustration somewhat. We really are putting in a lot of effort..

I just don’t see the inclusion of this particular pilot to be the ‘end of all hope’ that you might.

I am seeing the looks it puts on the faces of others, and that, at least, brings some joy.

I prefer to have made the attempt than to sit there and toss rocks. 15 came to Kahah. Never again.

Nope. He is. All hope. ALL of it. There’s kids on Gallente Prime who’ve just given up on getting something nice for their birthdays tomorrow because of this.


A lot of effort committing acts of piracy in the warzone and Providence. You’re truly helping the Empire greatly.

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So, we’re not doing anything strange or bad then, really. Good to hear.

Sounds like you’re not mad at me, you’re mad at New Eden.

Tradition has it’s place, and it’s strength. A strong Praetorian core is always vital, I will always want them around.

But I also want Amarr to have a chance when the stakes are down and the Call goes out. CVA, it seems, got the message on that one, and redoubled it’s efforts on a scale no one expected.

So, we work.

Tell us how again how doomed we are below. Remember, there’s the chance that I might quote you later and be really annoying about it…a fate worse than some deaths!

Then Thebeka happened and you brought… how many for a single faceplant moment out of how many weeks of fighting? Hilariously, the only Amarr entity of note in Thebeka the first while was SFRIM of all people. They’ve outshown AM in terms of: Numbers, Doctrine capabilities, individual capabilities, financial capability and standards for both recruitment and behaviour.

I’m not entirely sure what you think you’re contributing anywhere, besides aggressively attacking Amarr Loyalist forces in the warzone? I mean, if that’s your thing I’m so not going to complain, but you have to admit your metrics and public records look rather weird when set side to side with your words.


Don’t be silly. She’s perfectly capable of being mad at you and New Eden. Why, she’s probably mad at me on top of it all, right now!


Strange, no. Bad, yes. Just because something is common, does not make it good.

Yes, I am mad at New Eden. But I am also mad at you, for caving to the same Deceiver’s promises that everyone else is. It is disappointing.

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Adapt or Die.

Better to die and be able to face God clean.


Better to die.


You go do that. I’ve got a fleet to logi.

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Adapt to what though? Again, you’ve been massively outshown in every single measurable metric as well as respectability and loyalist credibility by entities like SFRIM so what exactly are you adapting to and what are you trying to achieve exactly? What is the benefit to your actions that justifies the utter and complete failure to adhere to even the slightest Imperial standards?

Sidenote: I can’t believe I have more appreciation for Imperial standards for behaviour and principles than you.