Improve your reaction time [Game]

Is this EVE related at all?

I don’t use Steam, so just wondering why there’s a steam link in GD. Sorry if it’s obvious and I’ve missed it, or should this be in OOPE?

I wasn’t aware the extent of general, I was juggling between general or Out of pod.

My adding of this is for miners that go afk, at least they can improve reaction time and focus to improve the chance of running away. Mostly over-all reaction time increase, focusing on certain colors, sounds, etc.

So, better for Out of pod?

Edit: Topic location changed to "Out Of Pod Experience"

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Each of the forums still has a it of info at the top, with guidance on what they are about.




General == eve related
OOPE == not eve related

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Made the change a few seconds ago, thanks for the info

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i removed my statement, to tldr:

i believe linking to a game this way, with that button, is a bad idea.

it only pops up on trusted sources as far as I know, I didn’t know it did this to be honest, it just popped up when I copied the steam page.

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