In contrast to the Goodbye, Leaving Eve posts around here, here's my I'm back till the servers die post

Started playing January of 2004 and incidentally chose my character name well before they implemented gang controls so you can imagine the confusion my name caused for awhile after they did… took a break from the game around 2014/2015 just prior to Citadels and Drifters due to RL issues and pretty much done everything the game had to offer at that point. Decided to resub last month and was immediately hooked again.

The game is more beautiful than ever, seriously gorgeous af and I’ve rearranged my UI so I can play with minimal UI so I can appreciate the graphics… I’ve spent hours and hours so far just warping to everything and admiring the work the art & graphics department put into the environment. There’s so much PVE content to digest now (Love the Anomic missions, actually a challenge!), and filaments make it easy to make daytrips into nullsec without having to sneak past gatecamps or join a nullsec alliance, love the daily rewards and AIR career programs, and even started a couple new toons as the NPE is amazing and certainly a farcry from well, absolutely nothing back in 2004… while I can’t do everything that I did prior to 2014… I love SKINS… this is literally the only game I’ve played that I’ve ever purchased skins for. Eve will always be the MMO that is different from others. With Eve, I definitely feel like I’m part of the experience as opposed to simply there watching the experience that the devs decided (If you watch the Dominion and I Was There trailers, the devs incorporated player-slang into the dialogue) and the fact that nothing I obtain in the game is ever obsoleted/deprecated upon the release of new content… It does make me sad though that it does seem like the game might be dying as concurrent user counts are down, and out of those, how many are multiboxers running 10+ accounts at the same time… hope that CCP/Pearl turns things around as Eve is finally the game that I wanted to play in 2004.

Missed out on quite a lot of lore and nullsec politics in the interim, the Trigs are another nice advancement of the whole Mysterious Jove story, but one thing that confuses me and can’t find any official lore reason for, is why any capsuleer would side with them against EDENCOM?

I hope Tony Gonzales (or his replacement) write another novel continuing the story from Empyrean Age and Templar One… love the lore in this game and definitely had me hooked.


No game is dead until the server shuts down. There will always be a dedicated group will always play most games.

So many people called so many games “dead” When do games die exactly? Many people keep saying games are dying. Years pass by… games still here… Dota 2. LoL. CSGO, TF2 to name some common games. All declared dead/dying. Yet are still chugging along. EVE will too. We still have many many MANY years of EVE left. The servers aren’t shutting down soon.

I don’t buy into the dead/dying crowd of any community. They are just bitter vets who are bored tbh. Games only die when servers are shut down. Are games dying? There maybe a case to be had with lower player numbers and so on. Games like any product do have a life cycle. EVE is nowhere near finished in its life cycle.

I think Elite Dangerous is a good example of a game that is at the end of it’s life cycle. Little to no new content planned for the game. Pretty much mainly lore/maintaining the servers. Contrasted with EVE were we have seen expansions of mechanics and new content. Just very very slow content.


1420 in Jita Local at EU primetime on a Saturday night…

That’s what I call very very slow content.

TBH - I think the Dedicated Lore players could do a better job with Content.

And for certain the graphics are looking so dated of late… Sorry to Disagree but when you get into a fight, it’s not really that advantageous to be looking at your enemies SKIN !

Anyhow “Broadcast” - Welcome Back Bud … +1 In Local is always a good thing.


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Because they’re a libertarian meritocracy.

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