In ONE sentence, what change would u like to see in eveonline?

And no one stops you from doing that.
Absolutely nothing and no one.

They don’t. This is a ridiculous thing to say.
No one’s forced to use cheat codes.
It affects no one but the single player.
It’s the single players’ choice to use them.

Holy ■■■■, man …


“Do not measure yourself by how much someone else has, measure yourself by how much of it you can lift without dropping and run.”
-John McCandless, “The Fine Theft of Art”


Dynamic high / low sec system connection system.

What I want is replace the static connections between systems with dynamic connections. It does not have to be daily, it does not have to be fully random, it does not have to shuffle the entire map - just parts of it. But it’d be great to the static map change and look “more alive”.

Aaron, one of my pet peeves there, it should be 24/7/52 or 24/365… unless you are on a planet with 365 weeks to the year.

Warp Scramblers should not affect MicrowarpDrives causing deadstop and coward battles, ship velocity would matter as ships are fit to mitigate conflict and should never be disrupted, instead only disable warp and nearest gate temporarily allowing for “space chases and battle”, jump drive strategies for gankers and opening Null and Lowsec for more battles, engaging gameplay and player migrations away from high sec; prove me wrong.

Simplified your statement to better portray what has happened to Eve over the past few years.


I would like to see a competent, imaginative and innovative development team.


Others games do the same GW2 for instance.

Somewhere along the line someone decided it would be a good idea to create content by not actually creating content, but by using what was already in-game. Works for some people, not so good for those of us that prefer to make our own decisions in-game.

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Retroactively abort something like the last 20 iterations of EVE online.


I’d be happy if they’d simply revert the Logi changes so that I could once again Logi my suspect bros in HS.

nerf @Torvin_Justicar ratting
to much QQ
and make @hellokittyonline red if she heal a suspect in a logi

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Rollback the entirety of highsec to 2011… ships, crime rules, even let us fight in the 5 training systems again.

No, the point of EVE forums is to create an echo chamber where bot users can spam reports against anyone they disagree with.


No more Alpha players, no more multiboxing, no more paying for accounts with ISK.


why you like inflation so much?

Exactly, Uninstall everyone, everyone wins.

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Why do you think that this would increase inflation? If anything it would reduce inflation because people would be spending less time on ISK-generating activities since they only need to pay for in-game assets and not their subscription cost.


i use to think that the people that buy plex to trade for isk are terrible
so i think like this isk is kinda burned but you may have a point

You can still do that.

The rule only applies to new players …
… and only if you’re actually taking advantage of them/griefing them.

Kicked some carebear butt in a rookie system a few years back.
He believed he’s safe there and I taught him otherwise.

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Was it Balos? Thats what he liked to do too

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