In-station narration is slowly turning into brainwashing

Wait… if I change UI language, will it change the language of in-station narration? That would be the perfect solution. I could change to, say, German, and not understand a single word of what they are saying. :smile:

“ship by ship, drone by drone your doing it” good ole Gallente stations.

I prefer Chinese,at least it’s melodic.
Or Russian… that rolling of the tongue is so sexy.

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There are more melodic options:


Oh God…one of the plebs who didn’t do Latin at school. Hopefully plebs ( short for the Latin ‘Plebeian’ ) will be extinct in 20,000 years.

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They still exists even in the New Eden Cluster. :stuck_out_tongue:


But hey look at the bright side: at least these gullible people can be scammed, manipulated and exploited in many ways so they are not without a use. :smiling_imp:

Yes, and French is definitely not one of them. Maybe Italian or Portuguese.

Life is short, so tell someone you love them today. But shout it at them in German, because life is also terrifying and confusing…

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It could be worse. While docked, they could play the demonic Cookie Monster radio communications of Guristas and Serpentis NPC’s.


I am in the process of learning French, so that wouldn’t last long :smile:

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As a non-Russian Slav, I can at least understand some of Russian, so that wouldn’t work.

They are also using some words which are considered archaic in my native language. I guess it’s because other Slavic people deeper in Europe got conquered or mixed with a lot of other nations in the middle ages, so the languages changed and evolved over time under the influence of other languages. The only place where these old phrases survived, which Russians are still using today, is in the Orthodox church and are used in religious service.

So, listening to Russian, at least for me, is not melodic or sexy. It just feels old and like I’m listening to a priest.

Hmm… or like the good Blade Runner movie… THE GOOD I said!, when the PA mentions the Tomako-Domínguez company or whatever takes you to the moon. I guess the name and phone number are important in EVE’s PA.

Anyways, I love it! and yes!, you can have my stuff (and debts) if they EVER mess it up!.

Yeah i noticed this too, Im in Gallente space and haven’t played the game in years but i have been looking at the descent of politics for the last few years so i said to myself i will take a break form the internet for a while an go back to space ships as everything else seems to be turning woke.

Im sitting in dod spinning ships and next thing i hear this African voice talking about democracy and then the same in an English “Tube” voice

few themes coming through

although im not sure an immortal capsuleer would really fall for them

Participation is freedoms guardian / Democracy is transparent (Consent)
We are all citizens of the federation (equality)
If someone is making large purchases contact the authorities (report your neighbor)
We will deliver the justice (Stazi)
a Vacation worth fighting for (VR holidays)

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It’s not about the content of the messages for me, but I can see how they can be interpreted. It’s about pure repetitiveness.

I actually like the station voice overs, it definitely gives a “living” feeling in a station, that is unique to each empire, but I feel the bigger problem is there just are not enough variety and they just play too often.

It would be nice if there was a bit more variety (I do however get that professional voice acting/recording can be expensive). Another suggestion would just have the voice overs have a “chance” to play when docked, that’s something possibly around 20% or so.

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The problem only exists for people who just don’t undock, and then multiplied when having multiple accounts. For normal players who visit a station for whatever reason and are then on their way again it’s a nice addition of atmosphere and those are the majority of players. To me there’s no love lost for folks who just don’t undock for long enough that, to them, it becomes an issue. If they don’t like it they can lower the volume or… undock.

No it does not. It’s simply too repetitive over a long period of time.

Perhaps you just don’t undock enough :slight_smile:

Yes but only by people who actually have sound disabled, anyone else had sound disabled since 2004?

I turn the volume off on my headset when I dock and back on when I undock. One hand gesture solution. Enjoy the Silence.

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