Incoming transmission

Okay, this should be broadcasting now, so I hope someone can hear me, and possibly you see me too, if you have video on. If you do, then you are among a chance selection, as I am transmitting on random long-range bands, to not compromise my location.

My name is Francesca Aioni, and I am in hiding in a maintenance shaft, on a large cargo ship.

The reason I am telling you my name, is that my identity is already known to those who want to track me down. The only thing I can do is to hide.

Look, I am carrying a big secret with me. I cannot say what it is yet, as that would give a hint of my location and also put several people in danger. But I believe that if I put it out there at the right time, there is a chance that I can find a permanent safe place, during the commotion that will arise.

I will tell you that I used to be a secretary, in a now dissolved undercover organization. I was the one responsible for providing the agents with what they needed for work in the field. That is why I have this equipment. What some of our agents uncovered was huge, but they were traced back to our central HQ, and we had to clear out. For safety protocol reasons, we have ceased all contact with each other. I sure hope the others are safe.

Look, I know this broadcast is a shot in the dark but please, you have to listen to me, there is something really big going on and I need to be sure that there is someone out there who listens.

Dammit, there’s someone outside, I will have to stay silent for a moment.

Okay, they’re gone, but I’ll whisper from now on just to be sure.

Please, keep this band open. If you’ve already accessed it, you will be able to do so again and to know when I broadcast. You will also be able to record messages that I can view, but the only thing that I am asking for, is that you check back on this band, because this is where I will tell you once I am able to tell you more.

Okay, I must end now. Thank you for your time. Bye bye.


Well, isn’t that interesting…

Let’s leave this channel open, wait what she has to say.

Might be profitable, might be nothing.

We’ll see what happens and what opportunities this will bring.


Hi again, I moved to a different location on the ship. You can’t see the place as it’s dark here, and the camera light is too weak to illuminate much more than my face, but it is a storage space. There are a lot of crates here, which I am hiding among. Almost no one comes here. I am guessing they are undeliverable goods. If so, I am hoping to sneak off when they at some point will be delivered to a distribution center for long-term storage, while waiting for someone to make claims for them.

The last week has been a constant struggle of regularly moving between places, until I got to this one, but the provisions I brought with me are coming to an end. Unless the ship will be docking and moving these goods off very soon, I will have to start taking bigger risks by occasionally leaving for stealing food. I found a working uniform, so that I can appear less conspicuous, but soon people will start to question who I am and ask to scan my work license.

There is not really anything more to tell you now, but I know that my first transmission reached many of you. I am very grateful to anyone who listened to or watched it, and it comforts me to know that there is someone out there who is listening. I hope to bring you good news about my situation soon.

Well… bye for now.

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