Increasing the m3 of the venture

Yes, alphas want barges but an alternative is to simply increase the m3 of the ore bay in venture to 10000 m3 and leave all other traits the same.
Making the ore bay on par with the prospect doesn’t take away from the speciality’s of the prospect such as covert ops while changing nothing but ore bay size.

Are we doubling it’s sig radius and halving it’s agility along with this?
It’s a frigate, it already has an ore hold as large as the ship is (off the top of my head for Frig volume in cargo when assembled).
Simply buffing stats till it’s basically a barge in all but name is not a correct solution.

Prospect is 2,500 m3 packaged and 50,000 m3 unpackaged
Venture is 2,500 m3 packaged and 29,500 m3 unpackaged
So yes, it would obviously change that if we are strictly sticking to those things.

Not sure why we need to help alphas mine more.


I don’t know either, f them.

No. Why would you. So that they can AFK longer?

We dont want new players picking up bad habits. And AFKing in belts for longer periods of time, is a bad habit to learn.

Also, what about the Endurance? It has a larger ore hold, and thats the point. Prospect has 10,000, is T2 and can cloak. Endurance, has 15,000, and cannot cloak but is also T2.

But the venture is a T1. And therefore is worse in all aspects, including Ore hold.

Keep it as it is. Its fine as it is.


I watch YouTube or Netflix if I am going to mine, so afk happens anyway, all day everyday, mining frigs, barges, exhumers, command ships.
Now I don’t want to get all psychoanalyzing on this subject but seriously if someone afk’s for 1 min or 1 hour what does it matter to what you do in game, I find it perplexing to understand why people complain about afk, it’s not like people want to hold stimulating conversation with someone, I’ve been in eve for years, I can count on 1 hand
the times I’ve been asked to chat, I’ve tried to start conversations but often it’s rejected, people are doing whatever they are doing so I just go about my eve day doing my thing no hard feelings if someone doesn’t want to interact.

I would like to ask the eve community a serious question on the nature of this term ‘fabric of space’ but I assume it won’t be a topic of conversation only ridicule, I have been interested in particle physics lately and have questions but no person to converse on the subject while doing eve stuff, see told you, nerd, who wants to debate on the merits of my views, no one.

I am mining right now watching while I mine.

I’d be happy with it getting an agility nerf and a cargo buff.

I’m definitely not against doing X to get Y, originally ventures started out as starter ships at that time alphas were not even a thing, the game changed but the venture stayed the same, they are the ONLY option for an alpha as far as a proper mining ship and since CCP has alphas accounts locked to only 1 online at a time it isn’t like it’s game breaking to increase the m3.

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There are so much more profitable things to do as an alpha than mining that I see no reason why not.

hell no, this would just make it way more cheaper for any mining bots in highsec to just down grade to ventures…

And the way botters work…they would have no problem cooking up whole squadrons of alphas…if they dont already.

screw your idea its stupid.

Your logic and your reasoning are in error because if this is actually what you really think, what can I post so I choose to pity rather than claw.

Of all the mining vessels the venture is the bottom as well it should be as it is also free for all in the rookie missions but for what it does it is good and you are spot on as I posted bit back that even salvaging was better paying.

I think balance should be decided based on everyone following the rules. Bots get banned and they will bot regardless of m3 on a venture…

The venture is good enough in fact it’s perfect.You most likely haven’t played when we had to jetcan mine in ospreys


but the balance makes people follow or not the rules.
So this is an absurd statement.

There is a rule in informatics : “never trust your end user”. Never expect people to follow the rules by their will. It’s a game and if they have fun breaking the rules, they will do it.

AFK gameplay shouldn’t be possible at all.

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The alternative is to cough up the cash for Omega.

No, -1.

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In fact I’ve have, my moa when they use to look like some kind of fat robot to me was my fav mining ship cause rats could never bother it.

In fact afk IS a feature in this game, think PI, you can say anything you wish but it is even running when you sleep.

So this whole hate for afk game play is just not reasonable to hold on too, but that’s the beauty of the human mind, they can see it and hold the truth in their hands, they can be given volumes of data supporting a fact and acknowledge it is so and still hold on to that belief…flat earthers for example.