Incursion Lighting

Why does the constellation background change colour when ever an incursion takes places in the local group of star systems, It just does not make any kind of sense whatsoever. The background nebula should stay the same colour, sansha are not that powerful. How do they change the light frequency with what? Come on CCP some bloody realism please.

I think the colour change is suppose to represent that Sansha flood the local system with various nanites. These hamper communications etc etc (hand waving for the reduction in bounties and whatever)

Basically its to look cool .

… and fry older video cards.


Perhaps the back ground lighting should change whenever Blood Raider FOB’s are in a region as well.

Yes it could be the nanite cloud idea but also remember they can create wormholes so they got pretty advanced,also their incursion creates other issues such as a cyno jammer effect.

As @Dark_Engraver noted:

System-wide cynosural field jammers are in effect.

I assume if that thing can influence an entire solar system (well technically a constellation but I assume it is on a per system basis generated locally in each system) it is not surprising that it has some effect on the local environment which alters light as well. Yes they are that powerful. I think it is quite believable.

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