Input broadcasting by a large 250 character coalition

strip unused skills from your mains, never buy injectors from anyone.

Funny how half of the Responses are the Sisi Warriors themself :smiley:

Stop talking Nonsense in the Forums and play TQ Boyos ^^

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T1 fighters scrub…

So this explains how they can use so many dreads at once. But yeah I can only confirm that. No one can explain to me how some of those guys legitimately multibox 20 dreads+ and use all their guns at once.

isboxer. a program that should be, in my opinion, considered illegal in terms of EULA simply because it has the option of “input broadcasting” (one click = many clients receive the same command)

also, you can omega alpha accounts on sisi, and thus be able to multibox as many as you want for peanuts…literally priceless.

Yes 40+ plus characters flying a range of different ship types, Very Sus!

input broadcasting is against EULA but its sisi and ccp dont care