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Campaign Vid: CSM Campaign World Premiere Video - YouTube
CSM Round Table w/ DTM135: Twitch
TiS with Matterall: Twitch
CCP CSM Interview: Twitch

Your EVE Online story:

I discovered Eve Online May 8, 2007. It was love at first sight.

I uninstalled every other game, and the next few weeks were a glorious new romance between me and all things Eve as I dove deep into the forums, guides, and game.

I began as a lowly high sec mission runner and slowly built up knowledge and friends until joining a null bloc, becoming a null sec ratter and F1 monkey. (SMASH-ROADKILL for those who remember.)

Then one metamorphic, mind-blowing day, the scales fell from my eyes when someone linked solo PvP videos featuring Violatohr and Endless Subversion.

I didn’t know PvP had a solo mode; I needed to know more!

Fittings, piloting, mechanics… I started learning Eve all over again.

Every spare moment was spent watching and picking apart videos. With my deep love for missile spam, I immediately took to the buffer HAM drake of 2010-2012.

Trying out my new knowledge, I quickly went from “unranked” to the top 1000 PvPers on Battle Clinic. My personal goal was to solo every sub cap in game in a drake (not realistic but I still got over 70%).

My true loves are still solo PVP and battlecruisers. Both of those need love, along with low sec.

Some of my high points (not all on this toon):

Over 1000 solo kills in a drake (RIP battleclinic)

Winning a 1v1 tournament from an airport bar after a 4.5hr flight. It took 3 hours.

Winning the final 2 fights of a 2v2 tournament: one I got off the shuttle to the airport and played from the curb outside, and the other we won at the terminal while my flight was boarding.

Played a tournament match while attending G-Fleet in Berlin.

Volunteered at Eve Vegas 2018 and 2019, G-Fleet (Eve Berlin) 2019, and Eve London 2019. If you attended any of those events, you may have seen me running around at the registration or donation booths.

Hosted Eve Utah 2019

Flew in 3 Alliance Tournaments

Streamed from a McDonald’s for 5 hours

Taught my teenage son to be a ruthless, low-sec space pirate.

We are currently members of RvB and I am still very much in love with the game and the community.

I spend most of my game time flying solo through --and getting blobbed in-- Black Rise. I enjoy putting a lot effort into teaching and SRP-ing newbros that are trying to learn Eve.

My Campaign Site:





[BREP]Insidious Sainthood#0117

Your areas of expertise. In which areas of the game do you feel you are the most knowledgeable? What qualities set you apart from other candidates?

Small gang PvP with an emphasis on Solo. I have spent years in high-sec, low-sec and null-sec, and even lived in worm holes for a bit. I currently live in Black Rise for easy access to Jita and time-to-content.

To best support all players, I spend loads of in-game and out-of-game time with the Eve community, listening to likes and dislikes, hearing out complaints/frustrations, and raving about nerfs and buffs. I lurk on the forums, reddit, and YouTube, and play every in-game event to see what CCP is up to. I also attend every player event that I can to support the community and keep in touch with other players.

Why are you applying for the CSM?

For the love of the game! I want this game to continue to exist, succeed and thrive for another 17 years. I want players to continue to experience and love this game and its community. I want people on the internet to say “a 17-year-old MMO?!?!? That’s not WoW? Maybe I’m missing out!” I want all the players who feel marginalized and unheard to have a voice at the big table. That is why I am applying for CSM.

What can players expect from you?

Passion, drive and love of the game and community. Hard work and perseverance; I won’t miss a single meeting or summit. Dissemination: everything I can discuss (non-NDA) I will, openly. To listen to and share with CCP ideas from the community and not just my alliance/bloc/friends etc.

A few pieces of media:
My RvB shirt I didn’t get to wear @ FanFest 2020

RvB and friends Eve London 2019

Volunteers @ Eve Vegas 2019

Shout-out on stage during closing of Eve Vegas 2019

My birthday @ Eve Vegas 2019 (Thanks Ivy/Eve North)

CCP Falcon @ G-Fleet 2019

Winning match outside SLC airport before a flight

Eve Utah - The brats add 10 lbs :stuck_out_tongue:


Things I want fixed (not finished RL is weighing in heavy):

FW: There is currently no reason to fight for territory in FW (other than for the sake of fighting). The citadel tethering fix is in the right direction. We need more faction warfare and less faction warp-fare. We also need to fix faction battleship payout and market prices. Currently not worth converting LP to BS BPCs for some hulls and some hulls cost more and preform less then some equivalent pirate hulls.
Bring the warfare back to faction warfare. Why is there LP for missions and D-Plexing? Let’s reward players for roaming and fighting and let’s make it not worth it for the bots.

LS: Low sec has lost its focus. From cap/supercap proliferation, null influence, dead systems, and other issues, low sec needs more focus and an actual purpose on CCP’s roadmap. Should null be able to project so quickly, easily and firmly into low sec? Should caps vs sub caps always favor caps? These and other issues need to be addressed.

Time to PvP content: Decreasing time to content, preferably dynamic content is important for small gangs and low sec. Needlejack filaments are a good start for this. Cancer rats in events also helped drive pvp content.

Content drivers: Yeah its an overused term but low, null and WH need space, resources, ISK and other reasons to fight. World builders are needed but so are nomads, elite groups and marauders to shift and tip the balances of power

Rewarding game play for high tier players: Eve has a-lot of rock, paper scissors and N+1 problems but creative and skilled players used to be able to tip the odds and change the meta through RL skill and knowledge. This type have play has been eroded and is no longer rewarded. This needs to change. R&K’s golden fleet, the AT, whaling and other creative play styles need to be reintroduced and cultured.

Tournaments: Bring back the AT or something like it that the players can rally behind as corps, alliances and a community. Look at Monsters Reborn, EVE-CS, Scrims 5v5 and other player run PvP events. They are gaining traction fast. The old AT is dead. Let’s bring in AT 2.0 and other tournaments WITH THE TOOLS FOR THE COMMUNITY TO RUN THEM.

Marauders: Fix their resists. Give them a way to avoid if not counter supers so they are not a cyno magnet.

T2 Battleships: Fix them. Give them the stats to fulfill their stated role.

Abyssal PvP: Abyssals are a mixed bag. I understand what CCP was trying to do and test, but removing players from the sandbox is a bad idea. The introduction of abyssal pvp started mitigating this a bit. Frig abyssals made the abyss a group activity. Open the abyss to 3v3 frig pvp. This was talked about at Vegas 2018 and its very late arriving for a feature like this.

Fix Maintenance array and bowhead/orca docking while tackled/active timer

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Secondary Items (like QoL):
Fix chat windows so they can be stacked vertical or horizontal 2 deep

Add new flavor item for KM memes: Item: Cat Description: Cat, but in space

Add ability to disable RED DOT :red_circle: menace

Add “PvP” and “Exploration” tabs the new bro overview (why is mining the only presented option)

Add ESI end points to be able to remotely update MOTD, Calendar Events, and maybe chat end points for pings

Fix Industry UI

Bring back the torpedo explosion animation

First :smiley:

Insidious Sainthood is a good man and something this game desperate needs - content creators. I will be putting him on my ballot.


Hes got a spot on my ballot as well.

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This guy is a tool. Vote for literally anyone else.

A tool for the people mate. Thanks for posting!

Thank you!

Always glad to see you and humbled by your support. Hope to see post-covid

insidious for president!

i mean CSM.
but still. a vote for insidious is a vote for content.

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I will be voting for Insidious Sainthood on my ballet and will be recommending him for the much needed Low Sec representative for CSM this year.


Always nice to see THE Pirate Lord in space and in the forums o7

Insidious, I personally know just how hard working and passionate you are about the game and the community. You’ll definitely bring boundless energy to the CSM, and will probably drive them a little nuts in all the right ways! You got my vote, Insidious!


+1 I’ll be voting for Insidious! Great dude :smiley:


Thanks love. Who’s going to ride herd if you aren’t there?

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<3 thank you for the support

Insidious has my vote! Few people are as in touch with the community as he is.


And few people touch the community the way you… err, nevermind.

Thanks Manic <3


It was only earlier today reading this I realised how long it was since we first were in fleets together, Your passion for the game is something else, you have my vote bro.

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Insidious would be an excellent CSM member! CCP really needs someone who understands the solo / small gang meta and who has a solid understanding of ship balance. He was an awesome teammate during the EVE-CS 3v3 last fall. His dedication and hard work would be of a great benefit to Eve as a whole, the CSM, and CCP!