Introducing The Winter Expansion - EVE Online: Lifeblood

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Unlike you i know that it’s not out yet, so i reserve judgement for the day when it’s out and playable. unlike you, i don’t rant about my personal idea of what something might be and treat it is a definite fact of what it will be, without actually knowing what it might be.

you can look through your own posts and you will find that you continuously rant about something you have nothing but speculation about. not logging onto the forums and game for two weeks will do your judgement, and anger issues, wonders…

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How about you just ■■■■ off and stop trolling my posts?

BTW, nothing has been a rant, just my view on the state of the game.

(Corraidhin Farsaidh) #246

What I’m hoping CCP are doing is writing a mission framework that drives these new missions, and can be changed by amending the parameters that govern the number and nature of defenders, level of AI competence, final rewards etc.

This way the work is never wasted and can be reused across all areas of space for new PvE content. I’m sure there will only be a % of players use the new missions but to me that just means they benefit from it, and it’s a players choice whether they partake or not (and they have no-one else to blame in the latter). Make the newer missions reward better than standard according to difficulty and people will naturally migrate away from the old missions.

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I agree 100%, obviously CCP has no clue how most High Sec PvE players operate, which is doing things solo.

(Sgt Ocker) #248

What new “missions” are you talking about?
The current plan is to bring the BR Sotiyo, which only rewards the ONE person lucky enough to loot the can when the structure dies (dumbed down) to highsec.
It is not a “mission” it is a spawn event that requires X amount of players to shoot a structure whilst tanking X + X amount of NPC’s so that at the end when the structure is destroyed on its final timer - ONE person will get a reward.

Personally I don’t see too many Highsec mission runners lining up so some random guy can get a reward… Especially when you consider, the person who scoops the one and only reward only need be the fastest to the can, they don’t even have to participate in the killing of the structure…

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Group content for casual players will only ever work if

… everybody participating gets a reward independent from other players performance

… no upfront organization, like fleets, FCs, etc. is required … hence “recruit in local” principle

… PvP interruption is not worth or … and this is the holy grail … fun for everybody

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I didn’t mention any specific new missions, I said how I hoped CCP were developing PvE content in general.

I agree entirely that to promote group work in hisec everyone has to take a part of the reward. I’m not so bothered about the winner takes it all approach as I often run DED sites where this exact competition occurs. It certainly doesn’t promote group work though.

I’d say treat the virtual km generated for the sotiyo as the prize split. Set a bounty on it and then cut it up by damage applied. Simple, straightforward, and anyone can take part. If straight ISK is undesirable then make it an LP reward with the navy of the faction space the sotiyo is killed in.

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As I said above, highsec content must be:

*doable in less than 60 minutes, login to logout
*dependable (the player is rewarded each time he does it)
*rewarding (in any sense: isk OR fun OR socializing OR doing other things while EVE)
*allow suboptimal tactics, aka reward creativity (say, run Level 4s in T2 frigates for the lulz)
*must be expanded regularly to avoid staleness

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Should the highsec content also orally service you under the desk? I mean, come on.

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Perhaps the small Refinery which will fulfill the role your astrahaus did? You are also free to unanchor your Astra.

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They’re literally adding two new PvE options in hisec this patch though.

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Really, because I’ve seen it work fine for casual players in multiple other games whilst hinging on some of these things you think are hurdles. Such as needing to ‘win’ rather than everyone getting a participation medal. That said, the need for content to be doable without a strong direction (or ideally a direction provided by the game) is important, as leadership is probably the scarcest resource in any game.

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Holy… can I get one of those for my ship? Do not get in the way of that moon extractor.
Also, could we just mount capital tractor beams to the refinery to pull the chunk of goo? Better yet, could we just tractor it with a capital ship if it has a capital tractor beam on it? #CONTENT

(Tipa Riot) #258

What works in other games with a different audience may not work here … let’s see what happens, I’m ready to be surprised by CCP with a clever design. Though my hopes are almost non existent, after seeing one fail content introduced after the other with no visible learning curve.

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Indeed, but in almost all MMOs I’ve played you don’t motivate the young masses with a bee hive way in the back yard, no… What you need is a bully to get in their face and try to take their lunch money.

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How many HS solo players do you think can really be bothered with waiting a week to unanchor a Citadel or anything else?

I’ve seen some of your presentations in Nottingham and you talk sense…but…isn’t LS/NS small gang PVP more of your speciality?

Solo and Small corp players need something that isn’t a money pit as the new structures are.

Also, once again as many have mentioned in here, group PVE in HS is very likely doomed from the off. That’s what the CSM and CCP don’t understand…I hope I’m wrong, but I’m going to turn up at the first one and watch the mayhem :slight_smile:

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So when is proper trailer for such a substantial update, dare I say expansion, coming?
Will you add new monocles, CCP? :face_with_monocle:

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[quote=“Drago_Shouna, post:260, topic:21284, full:true”] Also, once again as many have mentioned in here, group PVE in HS is very likely doomed from the off. That’s what the CSM and CCP don’t understand…I hope I’m wrong, but I’m going to turn up at the first one and watch the mayhem :slight_smile:

Its not doomed, it just needs a different angle… HS group PvE should come after you like a CODE monkey with too much free time, not sit in the back where it can be just ignored because its too much work for little reward.

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I wouldn’t complain