Introducing The Winter Expansion - EVE Online: Lifeblood

(Frostys Virpio) #264

So hmmm… What if as a stop-gap thing, they added cheap missions with no flavor text at all, like literally sapwn an anomaly in space for the mission runner to go clear with some variation of the content so it’s not as stale as the damsel ad infinitum?

Would HS PVE players be happy if it came to that to save on the dev time required? Do y’all even care about that text anyway anyway?

(Namaan) #265

If the content comes after the players then the narrative writes itself.

(Buoytender Bob) #266

But that isn’the the main problem, the lack of solo/optional group activities are the reason most HS people are upset. Even the CSM admits that the new content will appeal to a very small fraction of HS; a group already well covered by Incursions.

The problem has been that CCP has always relied on a relatively passive way to collect data to determine what HS players are looking in development. Fanest and the CSM are dominated by members of large corps/alliances and living in NS or LS. Hisec,to them, is merely an area that they can sell their NS gains, generate isk by incursions or industry, and indulge in some random ganking for giggles. They’re not evil, but they have a lifestyle and needs far different than the average HS player.

Let us have CCP utilize these boards to mine data on this issue. Have the ISDS and the community coordinator go through all the postings and note ones that offer reasonable concerns but, more importantly, reasonable solutions to the game’s deficiencies. Compose a list and send them a message asking for their imput; perhaps having a framework of talking points/questions that helps CCP find the information they are looking for. Don’t rely on information come to you, actively seek the data.

By relying on data sources and opinions from groups that are not the main users of an area, CCP has had their development skewed off course in regards to HS. As long as development resources are turning to be so limited, it is important that CCP uses it wisely. Another form of “incursion-lite” is not what is needed now. Please ask directly the people who are most effected by any plans. Don’t worry, I’m sure that null will be fine.

(Drago Shouna) #267

How about expanding on that a bit?

Maybe when you qualify for lv1 missions that’s all you get, when you then qualify for lv2 missions you get a mix of both, same at lv3, same at lv4.

Ultimately you’ll be getting a mix of all sorts of levels, you could also mix them up with different factions etc so you’ll have no idea what’s coming. They’d probably have to re-jig the standings a bit, but they are nearly meaningless these days.

In that scenario you’ll have to have several ships or be prepared to refit, and don’t forget, the clock is ticking for the bonuses.

They could throw in a different mission each month as well just to keep up the interest.

Just a thought to shake things up a bit and stop the staleness fully setting in.

(Frostys Virpio) #268

I no longer run missions but I’m pretty sure nobody who can run lvl 4 want to be bothered with lvl 1 or 2. My proposition is pretty just add a pool the agents of the correct level can draw from that is a new mission but without wasting anyone’s time with 3 paragraph of flavor text.

(Drago Shouna) #269

I get what you mean, I’m just thinking out loud :slight_smile:

(Namaan) #270

And I agree with you, my point for at this moment is we need solo-able content that is random and in the player’s face… That is EVE, and it shouldn’t be hard to make something that is more active, or even reactive than a passive off in the ass end of the system Station to be farmed by not small/solo groups for little payoff other than pretty explosions.

(Black Pedro) #271

What is going on here is exactly what many of us said would happen when Sugar Kyle brought this idea up:

No one can agree what a highsec expansion is suppose to be, not even what would be ‘good’ PvE. Some want more of the same - predictable, solo-able, linear and consequence-free, while other want some next-level killer-AI challenging stuff (or at least say they want that). There is nothing CCP can come to the table with that will placate all the people perma-clamouring for highsec attention.

That said, let’s give them a chance here. We haven’t seen the details on what they intend with these FOBs, and they very well could have structured the rewards to pander to the self-entitled highsec crowd. Even if they haven’t, the FOBs still could serve as an update/replacement for highsec incursioners to get their group PvP fix in a new way. And in that case, there still is the Resource Wars thing could very well be just the thing for a solo, casual highsec player to get their PvE content in a new way that ties in to the shared universe we are all suppose to be part of. Or maybe it will all suck and be ignored by just about everyone.

In any case though, there will be plenty of time for hysterics and playing the blame game once the details are announced. Let’s not get ahead of ourselves shall we? I’m with Jin here, those who have been asking for new highsec content should be at least cautiously optimistic, if not over the moon that they finally are getting some new things to play with and they will be here in only weeks.

(Sophie Mcgalien Hoeeg) #272

Since the dev-blog area is part of old forum and not writeble any longer I will use this since the refineries comes out with this patch.

Anyhow, you are saying that you won’t bring moon-goo mining to hi-sec and in a way I understand that.
But please make the mining drill viable in high-sec by generating astroid belts with reguler ore but in much higher quantity that is normally available in reguler belts. maybe give a chance for low-sec ores to appear.

As it is right now these refineries is kinda worthless for high-sec. It is more often than not cheaper to haul ore to null-sec refine it there then haul it back to high-sec, with 0 risk involved. Since teethering is a thing. And raitaru’s with 1 rig for high-sec ore is dirt cheap and will easily pay itself back with 1 day of mining with a proper high-sec mining corp.

1 Raitaru = 487m 1month of continuous fuel cost 72m isk 1 rig cost 470m isk
1 skiff can mine 284k plagioclase/hour
With a profit of 27% after hauling it to null and back again That is a profit of roughly 5m isk per hour.
Thus it would only take 1 miner 205 hours to pay 1 raitaru back + 1 month of fuel.
Or in the case of a proper high-sec mining corp 2 operations a month at the most.

(Yiole Gionglao) #273

Well, it doesn’t takes many details to know that group content is not what highsec solo players need, and conversely, highsec solo players are not getting anything from this Lifeblood expansion.

So, at which point should we start objecting CCP’s work for highsec, exactly?

(Black Pedro) #274

When they actually release the devblog that confirms your assumptions. As it is, we have nothing but a top level description of either of these new PvE features. We didn’t know if one or both is intended to be group content or not.

They are also adding a group finder (maybe?). I’m not saying that will make the hermits happy, but spend the next week or two sharpening your pitchfork and only bring it out once you a sure CCP hasn’t pandered sufficiently to your whims when we get the next devblogs.

(Yiole Gionglao) #275

Just read the instructions… err… descriptions:

"Resource Wars

As pirate forces encroach on the borders of New Eden’s sovereign nations, capsuleers are being contracted to assist with resource gathering operations in high security space. Forming part of resource gathering expeditions as combat or mining pilots, capsuleers both young and old will be able to take part in collaborative gameplay with other capsuleers to assist their chosen empire with the release of EVE Online: Lifeblood."

"Pirate Forward Operating Bases

Increased conflict over dwindling resources across New Eden has caused the Guristas and Blood Raiders to expand their influence and industrial capability, staging daring raids into high-security space which lies under the sovereignty of the empires.

New pirate Forward Operating Bases – or FOBs – have been spotted across New Eden, creating new opportunities for groups of likeminded capsuleers to band together and work toward driving out the threat.

Scan them down and hit them hard to reap the rewards from defeating hostile forces."

It’s pretty obvious that they are not intended to be done alone. Thus they’re useless to address the issues and needs of highsec PvE.

They’re just a wasted effort.

(Buoytender Bob) #276

Hmm, let’s see: “self enittled”, “hermits”, “pandered to”…well, that mild from a CODE player. At least you have fair request that we all should wait to see what CCP drops on HS, but a little less “git gud” or whatever your group says would be appreciated. Expected,no; appreciated,yes.:wink:

(Tipa Riot) #277

But the bully is the “ganker” or loot thief in EvE … few in EvE feel a victory or accomplishment for beating the environment the 1000th time, it’s the ISK and loot … if you want to get more themepark players into EvE, the game’s core has to change.

(Black Pedro) #278

Faction Warfare is a feature that is currently “collaborative” but has plenty of space for solo players to participate from 'Plexes to missions. Just because the feature has a premise that has sides or teams doesn’t necessarily means there won’t be stuff for a solo casual player to do.

Or maybe it won’t. We don’t know. Perhaps it won’t be your cup of tea, but seriously we’ll have all the details in less than a month so I still maintain you should save your agitating until you are sure you didn’t get what you think you are entitled to.

(DeMichael Crimson) #279

Don’t know why you replied to my post talking about group content when I was agreeing with Drago about having solo content.

Aside from everyone not getting a shiny reward, another major problem with group content is that everyone has to be present at a specific time to start it.

(Aareya) #280

This would be a nice addition. Some players play the game solo because they want to. Others play solo because they have trouble finding a group of players. If there is a UI where you can find a fleet doing a PVE thing, join it, do the PVE, then leave, that would be hugely beneficial. Group play without having to apply to a corporation and go through a complicated recruitment process with API’s, interviews, etc.

I play another game mostly solo. But once in a while, I jump into a raid for a big PVE thing, it lasts 20-30 minutes, then its over. I leave and can continue doing my solo thing.

(Yiole Gionglao) #281

LOL I am not entitled anything. I would return to EVE if CCP added more Level 4 missions just to support my point that that’s one of the things that highsec PvE needs -a continuous stream of new jiggsaw puzzles for players to tinker with them. Old mechanics, new picture, let’s play. But that isn’t going to happen.

More could be built on that foundation, but why bother writing about it? CCP is not adding new missions even as it’s the single most demanded thing whenever someone (say, Sugar Kyle) engages the untouchables to know what do they think of their trade.

So far “customer oriented design”. Highseccers want more damsels to rescue, CCP comes with recycled nullsec garbage after two years of content drought. Do you see a problem here?

(DeMichael Crimson) #282

There’s already a ‘Group Finder’ option available in-game called ‘Fleet Finder’ located in the Neocom. When selected it opens the Fleet window where pilots can join available fleets, start a new fleet or manage a current fleet. The list of available fleets include information on the fleet commander, and if shared, fleet size and current location.

The main problem is it’s rarely used in high sec space for that purpose because it’s actually more usable as intel for gank squads.

(Corraidhin Farsaidh) #283

Sounds like an SoE mission then…