Introduction and creation of a space Kraken

Perhaps the creation of a space Kraken. Or, Krakens. Much like the one seen in Han Solo, A Star Wars Story… A creature big enough to eat a titan, or multiple titans at once. It could be a npc creature put anywhere CCP wanted to. To add difficulty to an area, or less accessibility, even other purposes. Just an idea. A living space creature. And, very difficult to kill, or harm. With the ability to eat, or destroy the largest ships in eve. I’d like to see such put into the game. And, I do believe others would as well. Food for thought CCP.


There can be only one.


Cool Idea

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c(▄)/c[▄] ← Tea/Coffee anyone?

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Of that I have no doubt.

Let’s hope CCP thinks so. It could be used as an in game balancing tool. And, lots of other things. Think of ratting a Kraken with multiple Titans, and other ships. :slight_smile:

Tea, thanks :slight_smile:

Null space only, thank you.

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It is a cool idea, but i prefer something like a black hole, like in the real space, which could as you indicated, appear at any time and devour everything in its path and then disappear.

Not a bad thought :slight_smile: :vulcan_salute:

One could hope ? That would be cool. And perhaps a balancing tool in game ?

Black holes don’t just randomly show up, they’re objects of extreme mass and would be detected well before your dumb ass would pass the event horizon. (is the event horizon even an issue with FTL travel?) Having you/your ship/your structures randomly annihilated would be an absolutely ■■■■■■■■ mechanic and everyone would hate it.

To the OP: Keep your stupid unbalanced science fantasy creatures out of my realistic universe.

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I can see your logic. Yet, could such a thing as a living space hazard exist ?

We already have dangerous space hazards moving around in our universe without aliens:

Sansha incursions, metaliminal storms, Diamond rats from NPC sotiyos, wormholes with bloodthirsty wormholers behind them…

If you fly your relatively safe way home in your cloaky ship and happen to find yourself in an Electrical Metalimimal Storm next to incursion rats on the gate you may wish it was a Kraken instead.

Your viewpoint is noted. :+1: Thank you for the comment.

A version of the crystaline entity

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Definitely a good idea. The Kraken could roam systems looking for structures to consume, more so the abandoned ones.

As the Kraken feeds on the stations and consumes the contents, some of the content would remain in the Kraken’s gut. When attack and if destroyed, which is very difficult because the Kraken would spawn an unlimited number of drones and weapons, one of the four types + shield and armor resistances to fit the weapon type that is fit, x 8 slots, the Kraken would drop loot that it has consumed. The loot cans would be small containers. Each Kraken would release 100 containers on its death that could be looted by anyone.

No one knows where or who built the Kraken’s but scientists can confirm that Sleeper, Triglavian, Rogue Drone and Drifter technology have been found in the husk of a Kraken that was discovered many years ago in Null. Scientists determined that some type of biological creature lived inside of the husk and might even have the ability to grow larger causing it shed it’s old hull in need of a new one. With trillions of wrecks littering New Eden to decay, scientists believe that from those wrecks is where the Kraken gets its hull from.

With all of the Abyssal and Triglavian filaments being used, it was only a matter of time before the twisted soul of a virus emerged. Some scientists even say the Kraken might be related to Sharhelund III

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That would be cool.

Very inventive.

Inb4 Hive Fleet Kraken appears