Is EVE being purposely sabotaged?

well all know that the virus is a hoax, people on the television said so, so obviously they are right and the dead bodies are wrong!

but thats not what we should be focused on.

I want dessert!

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Well looking at the replies you should realize by now that CCP does not have to drive people away when the players themselves freely volunteer to do it.


According to my sources it looks like only the new Caldari players are being affected by the new career agent nerf as if they were not already nerfed! I mean come on, three Merlins and no can drop for the Angel of Mercy mission? It should be Merlin, Condor and Kestrel. I mean I understand that you feel the need to keep us Caldari down since we have such an advantage on everyone else, but to nerf our new players is just too much! :stuck_out_tongue:

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If you think that’s due to anything other than the world wide lockdown and people being stuck at home bored senseless . I’ve got some magic beans for sale if you want them ?


new players wont have to travel for the new agent missions, the spawn area is new characters is also being changed. CCP hasnt decided in the CSM minutes on if it will be 1 system per empire or 1 system all together.

The only thing Sabotaging Eve is development stupidity.


I am mot big on beans, but I do like a big cookie or two. :stuck_out_tongue:

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Because it cannot be what should not be?

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You know dam well that these reports only tell a slight part of the truth to formulate it nicely…

It’s -discutable- to only take the highest number of the day into calculation and not the average of the day as it should be.

The average would show a number around 20k,with is more likely than the sweetend up numbers they post.

The 30k average line is nonsense and they know it…

Look at the number shown in the launcher at different times of the day and you will see the truth.

Actual number,06:25 server time 21 k…

Looks like this number does not even EXIST in the 'monthly report you posted.

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Right, because we all remember that Coronavirus started in September of 2019 despite it being reported to the global community by China in December of 2019.

Go and shove it, kid. Just because you think the recent changes aren’t good for EVE does not mean that CCP isn’t doing positive work. They’ve come to terms with it and are making solid changes in the game that have improved it long term.


DDOSes started again when the players returned in large numbers and it was weekend and it was event in abyss, this last week was it, It was made purposefully to anger the playerbase and CCP.

This was in no way a coincidence.

The fact remains that stressers, booters and other DDoS-for-hire tools are nothing more than cyber-weapons, whose growing popularity and remarkable availability demand strict and immediate action.


Actual player count :20756…

Self explaining isn’t it?

That single quote made things far worse than it ever helped anything. It’s backwards. It makes people stop thinking about those who are intentionally portraying themselves as stupid to get away with everything they want.

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It’s people like Balos/Darlo who would DDOS the servers just to get people to leave, so he can declare he was right all along.


The competition in space MMO market could also do that. Someone from community supporting Star Citizen angered by an EVE players could do it. Someone trying to extort money from PA could do it as likely. There is so many people that could do it, because its fairly cheap and can bring emotional or financial gain to them.

Black Dessert for you…online.

Go eat a book you might learn something.


I too have considered what OP has proposed and believe his analysis may not be far off.

One of the first companies I bought in my career, I decided to leave the former owner in charge. It turned out to be a big mistake and he purposely tried to sink the company. I learned he got his money by selling and if he made it worthless he could buy it back again much cheaper.

Now whenever I buy a business, the owner/CEO is either removed immediately or after a short transition period like 30-60 days. I have never understood why Hillmer was allowed to stay running EvE after the sale. He seems to take great pleasure in the chaos era, which include some wildly, severe game changing updates like black out, which drive players to leave.

Online numbers have been been effected by the world being in lock down. I don’t know how anyone can argue that, unless you’re a CCP shill. Even with millions of people staying at home, online numbers are starting to slowly drop again.

I think the chaos era has really turned players off toward EvE. This game is really a long term strategy game and massive changes that pop up without much warning are very counterproductive to a lot of goals players have. A lot of player activities, like wh invasions, null sec wars, low sec fw, even high sec moon mining require months if not years of planning and strategy. Players, including myself find these huge changes very frustrating and either down size accounts or quit outright.


I speak for a large group of people when I say you should be banned about 2 years ago.


LOL…well then.

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