Is Hisec ganking good for the game?

Not to me. I can’t feel any satisfaction blowing up an unarmed mining vessel but that’s just me.
If I need target practice I’ll do it on a rock with mining lazers… how boring, lol.

I fly noncombat ships a lot of the time. Mostly outside high sec.

That means if I screw up I lose my ship just as if I were flying a combat ship. And if I play well I can deny the other players an easy kill.

“I fly a noncombat ship, therefore I should not need to be aware of my surroundings or care for my own safety” is a foreign concept for me.

I get that some people get lazy from being protected by the threat of CONCORD, but you should be the one to keep your ship safe.

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I’m flying an empty non-combat ship that’s not even armed therefore I don’t know what kind of loser would blow me up instead of looking for a target that can fight back… wait… what? There exist such losers? Oh my lord!

Killing those unarmed ships is a form of ‘fighting back’ though. Those unarmed players are your competition in this game and if an unarmed explorer is cherry picking sites nearby I’ll gladly kill them.

Not all competition in this game uses guns.

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I wouldn’t. I’d start a convo and ask him about his day, I’d ask him if he’s making any kind of good isk doing what he does, I’d ask him about his fit, if the ship he’s flying is a good ship for the activity he’s doing, I’d ask him about his corporation if he’s in one, I’d get to know him and maybe be friends, may he’d show me a trick a two, maybe I can sell something to him or him to me… you know, I’d be social and reasonable, not act like a bloodthirsty psychopath.

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And in that time hes just cleaned out the explo site you were about to do and didnt reply to any of your messages.


I can have a great chat with others while murdering them, or while avoiding getting murdered.

Blowing ships up is the core of this game and that can easily be done simultaneously with being social and reasonable.

Yes yes… as I wrote earlier… “I can’t feel any satisfaction blowing up an unarmed mining vessel but that’s just me”.

Booohoo… it’s just isk. Seems that I read somewhere in the game chat and on this forum that the sense of community is what makes EVE special. I guess that’s a load of crap, it’s just about the isk, isn’t it?

Okay, then don’t blow up miners.

Personally I don’t get much satisfaction killing bots. I mean, I once killed a couple of Ishtars to see if I could catch them, but spending time to hunt something that is not even at the keyboard feels like a waste of time.

But if they happened to be tackled in front of my combat ship I wouldn’t hesitate to blow them up.

‘Poor bot, doesn’t know how to fight back!’

How about combat ships piloted by other players, those don’t exist?

What about those? I would kill those as well, when given the chance.

I mean, it’s a game about spaceship combat.

Generally players are a bit harder to catch when they pay attention, but even those can be killed.

I read somewhere that EVE is more than that, or are you saying that the only thing that matters in EVE is blowing up ships and getting isk?

It’s a pretty shallow game indeed then.

Pretty much. Thats how most people measure their success in the game.

People get annoyed when they get ganked because it now costs them isk to replace a ship, usually. A cost they hadnt previously accounted for in their balance.

If not they they are getting very emotive about something thats not going to affect their realtionship with their friends and social contacts, arent they?

Is a solo kitsune with no fitted weapons a justified target? Sure, its a combat ship by lore, but it cant do anything to you.

Yea… a shallow game populated by shallow players who shoot anything that moves.

I find its mechanics and dynamics quite intricate actually.

But to each their own vOv

FFXIV is a great game for building friends in a relaxed enviroment. I very much recommend it for that.

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I find it’s mechanics manipulated by a group of predatory people whose only interest is to milk the most money from players.
The dynamics of the game are in response to its manipulated mechanics.

As I said, again, I wouldn’t blow up an unarmed vessel, I’m not like that. I want a real fight, where the other guy can actually shoot at me.
I was a soldier, I did not shoot the milk man or the postman, I shot other soldiers.

I already play other games for building friends in a relaxed environment, I thought EVE was a game where players fought against each other in combat ships but I see I was wrong.

Stupid people will give anyone smarter than them money. Thats not news.

And other people are in a game that allows it as game play. The fact you object to that is as relevent or irrelevent as anyone elses taste, but its in opposition to the game’s premise.

Which is it?

Also, do you or do you not feel shooting an unarmed Kitsune is a justified act by virtue of the hull being regarded as a combat hull, and why is it so if an armed mining barge is not?

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That is totally irrelevant to this discussion of a video game. If you really cannot separate real-world situations from artificial ones, perhaps you’d just let us get on with it.

On the other hand, your taking of human life was sanctioned by what you recognised as a higher authority - explicitly or implicitly. For us, the Higher Authority is CCP.

Are you and Cilla related at all?


This is a game where players are ordered by agents to kill unarmed civilian reporters.

“This reporter for The Scope is flying a Gallente Cruiser, so he is undoubtedly prepared for combat.”

I enjoy this very much.