"Is it really time for our next turn?"

(Propaganda Materials Recover from Seitudoda Taskforce Command Raid on Suspected Union Sympathizers in Landfall City)

Malkalen II - Mercantile Club Bureau - Quantum Sea Corporation HQ

22 November YC 122

— What the hell is that?! Whose great idea was to give for a poster a symbol of our Dragonaurs division?!

— Calm down, Timiko, it was me.

— Damnit, Arelan, stop always approaching me from behind, please!

— Hmph. Command is displeased by our pace, so I decided to speed things a little. Looks like you fell from working process… And now look how quickly you returned!

— And you said for all intelligence services that we support those workers. It it really time for our next turn?

— Command think so. Coals are still hot and masses still boil. But we have less and less time to spare.

— Okay, okay, I got it… And what will we do?

— You surprise me, Timiko. And I desired to put you on my place soon… To continue pressing on corporatives, of course. Some soft force here, some hard force there…

— I’m afraid to attract attention right now as militaries are on high alert…

— …But we have no tomorrow for delay. I’m sure you don’t want to see how State will continue to rot?

— And so we will try to ignite the flames of rebellion?.. Good old times.

— Good old indeed.

— Understood. I’ll look what I can do there… And you will introduce me to our more combative friends, right?