Is this where I beg CCP to PLEASE make a cruiser and battleship sized member of the Dramiel and Daredevil family?

I absolutely LOVE my little Dramiel and Daredevil, and I’ve always wished that there were “grown-up” versions of these little guys available for us. I for one, would LOVE to have one of each!

No pirate faction has destroyers or battlecruisers, i would like all of them to have them but i wont hold my breathe.

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Ummmm… there are.
They are called the Cynabal and Macheriel.

Both are quite speedy for their class and hit pretty hard.


Frigate - Cruiser - Battleship

Dramiel - Cynabal - Machariel

Daredevil - Vigilant - Vindicator

What you’re asking for already exist… ???


Yea but those ships look nothing like the Daredevil and Dramiel. I’m talking about ships with the same visual design.

hmm, im gonna channel @Nicolai_Serkanner here.

no. ■■■■ off.


You know that you have to be at least 13 years old to play EvE, right?

I wouldn’t mind to see a larger more powerful version of the drake, but i know thats not gonna happen… Ship designs change, so while you may love your little daredevil and Dramiel, whose to say CCP may change how they look, and you not like it??


One of the command ships is a beefier version of the Drake.
The Raven is the missile battleship of the Caldari.
And the T2 Raven is an upgrade that fills all your tanky, missile spewing wet dreams.
And the Pheonix-class dreadnought is ship that fires Saturn V rocket-sized things at targets.

you ser are an idiot.

meanwhile the guristas weep silently in the corner having been forgotten by the art team.

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