It looks really scary outside is it safe to Undock?

View Outside showed very dark red space and some form of weird looking gas clouds.

Like very deep scary looking and I am not sure what sort of ship should I be in and right now the safest thing is to come run over to the forums here and ask you what do you think?

Are you Undocking and if so is there more danger than normal?


Are you in one of the systems invaded by the Triglavians? Because in them, yes, there’s more danger than normal.

See the Agency for (some) Details.


Yes, I have a Athanor in a system where I logged in and found it all different.

I undocked and checked out the gate and there is a very high number of players in and around there.
I think I might need to place the moondrill offline and save some fuel blocks while the system is the way it currently is for now.

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Just don’t offline the whole structure. so leave something running.

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Yes I left the manufacturing in and enough fuel to keep 1 service module running.

I will pick a time of day when I can move my fleet of retrievers alts to another system I think.
Like it is hard to watch 8 accounts at once on normal times other than now with the much higher presence.

BTW that Code. are fired for not performing their duties…
Re; Code. you now work for me! (old topic)



I had undocked but wow the Invasion is real

As soon as I undock I see them and they are everywhere, but lucky I took the beast.

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Scared in a video game. :roll_eyes:


Oh please, I can even bet you’re one of them closet campers in Alien Isolation…


Not scared when sitting in the best pilot seat of the day.

I log in and they are waiting for me.


I don’t even know what Alien Isolation is and I don’t care enough to google it.
If you actually knew me, you’d know that I’m the last guy to sit around.


Explode or let explode!

We’ve been in one of the systems yesterday.
We were seriously disappointed.

The visuals are nice, the NPCs aren’t shitting around,
but it’s still just an event for farmers and we can’t even help them properly.





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The first live event I was in, it was a “drop everything” sansha incursion, before the canned incursion content, blue text moving through systems calling for help, and I went from solo player to being in a fleet that day, and we dropped in on some “violent” wormhole, and a fleet of Sansha nightmares appeared on grid right there.

My hands were shaking.

It’s moments like that you never forget. BTW I got roasted on a spit in some of those live events and it was worth every last ISK to have that experience. Is there any brainless farming, missioning, or the usual piss-ant cat and mouse PVP that isn’t, that has that effect?

I have yet to see anything compare.

Think about it.

I have said, for years, that Eve should have progressed to being more than just a game. Take the entire franchise and make it reach out across other media. Imagine if the creators of Star Trek did that before say the Battle of Wolf359. Imagine, if you will, that not only did we watch this episode, but it was also an MMO with real fans in those ships. Imagine if, to this day, you not only meet people who “watched it”, but people who were actually in it. There would be stories to tell. Lots of them.

But no. Hurf blurf. Muh ISK. Muh stats. Muh farming/rental/RMT/bots/feelings. Muh “chosen playstyle makes me superior and everybody else is a loser”. Bonus rooms. Blue donut. Go back to WOW. Boom headshot.I’ml33tLoL.

Can’t have nice things. Everything has to suck so the worst people can be happy. Coffee break is over, back on your heads.


I’m all for adrenaline. Hands shaking is awesome. Being scared of whatever is going to hit you in the game is great, too. I guess I need to change the wording from “in” to “of”, because I guess being scared in the game is fine, but being scared of it isn’t.

Thanks for making me aware of this.

I remember converting my first bear, not sure he truly was one. He was a miner, actually a professional, who did all the math and ■■■■ and afaik wasn’t afk. I’ve managed to convince him to go on a suicide roam with me, searching for haulers.

Two hours we went through half of highsec, finding nothing. Met plenty of people, had some nice chats. I was -10 in a Rupture, which attracted a bit more attention than usual, but it wasn’t that big of an issue. After two hours we called it a day, went back to Hek. At the in-gate in Hek, suddenly he saw an apparently autopiloting, untanked hauler filled with ■■■■ worth 300 million ISK.

I warped to the station. He warped around five seconds later, but to 10km distance to be sure that, if he’s APing, he’ll be close. The hauler warped in, I blapped it, he got out of warp.

Then it all went really quickly. Not sure we had the LOOT ALL button back then already, but I don’t think so. He grabbed it all, but for some reason saw items left and wanted to grab them, blinking as suspect. He said his hands were shaking like a washing machine, trying to grab the rest of the stuff not realizing that it was HIS cargo that was showing and not the wreck’s cargo … and got blown up by some guy at the station.

Adrenaline. It’s one hell of a drug.

From then on he did whatever “creative content” he could do. He provided logi for awoxers, he ganked, did all kinds of stuff I didn’t even get to know. From then on he had more fun than he ever had.


Hey, would you be interested in pissing off the farmers with me, in invasion space?
I’m a professional, you’d be in good hands. :slight_smile:


I personally am scared SH%^#@SS, but my alter-ego is okay with it.


Looks like invasion space is all about farming and crows. Not very exciting.

Well, the exciting part is not exploding when you steal loot.
Or when you accidentially lock a Triglavian. They don’t like this.

The other exciting part probably is mining in their belts with 45% increased output.

I need to jump into a Venture.
Pedro wanted to go mining, maybe we’ll get to it.

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I like mining 3 digit space gas from wh’s. Just gtfo when sleeper or someone else comes.

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Yes, they remind me of the white diamond npc fleet.

Around 2003, I went to an International Game Designers convention, and one game designer was saying the same thing to a few of us in a little side event in a coffee shop. He and we were writers and writer aspirants, rather than IT guys. “The goal in cinema is to achieve ‘suspension of disbelief,’ so that the viewer forgets that it’s a movie and the characters are actors in front of mics and cameras. The viewer is living in the world of the film. Someday games will achieve the same thing, but the viewer will really be in the world, and interacting with it as a character and changing the story as he goes along.” That was one of the most brilliant things I’d ever heard, and I spent a lot of minutes while driving, walking, showering, and doing other things that take time but not much attention thinking about how that could happen.

That was in 2003 though. We didn’t have many fully developed and implemented MMOs. EVE was in beta then probably. In any event, yeah. If any (still alive) game makes you a character in another world beyond 'suspension of disbelief), it’s EVE. The problem is, it’s hard for new players to run into that spot in the world.