It's not just these forums it seems

For the sake of the truth?

And do “they” have a name? Can you quote “them” doing it first or give me a post number or something?

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Axis of Misery

We are all going to die one day. Your time is yours to waste in many, but not all ways. The way you post here is allowed. Feel free.

I’m glad to hear that Renly Ridly the Gnosis Miner has finally conceded that I am free to post as I please. All praise me! Wheeee!


Funny how a discussion about why devs wouldn’t want to come to their game’s own official forums because of forum user toxicity devolves into a juvenile cat fight in less that 100 posts.


to me you are fixating in this part and missing the best ones like the lovely metaphorical soft core adult tale a few posts before

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Better enjoy it while it lasts, because that’s going to be “gone” soon as well - I’m getting a barrage of the green dots as we speak. Looks like there’s some coordination going on based on the volume and efficiency.

It’s the only way they can fight back. Too dull to make witty retorts on the forums, and too poor to hire The Princess to gank me in the game, leaves cancel culture as the last remaining viable option. :face_with_hand_over_mouth:


You too? And you know what’s the funniest thing? In posts with Slow Mode on, you cannot edit your posts to unhide them even though the bot message says you can edit your posts. You know what’s more toxic than the users? The forum software allowing users to be this toxic and CCP enabling them with forum tools. :joy:

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The REAL reason CCP stopped posting on their forums is that they quite simply do not have an answer for “does CCP support botting?” Just think about how it would look if they did.

“Dear CCP, we see a lot of bots in game, does CCP actually support botting in EvE?”

CCP Video Response:
“We are staunchly opposed to botting and we will PROVE it to you.”
cameraman follows to a janitorial closet converted into a 2 man office
“See? CCP hired TWO WHOLE PEOPLE that do NOTHING(.) but ban bots!”

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You can always launch a retriever and wiggle your bottoms hard enough somewhere in Isanamo


“How come this office doesn’t have a ventilation system?”
“There will be no further questions!”

I don’t need a Retriever to get my bottom noticed - my thicc booty is always ready and willing for someone to come along and give it a big, black, Void ammo injection.

Also, I can’t even fly a Retriever. I once got someone to eject from a barge in a ransom negotiation, and then, after realizing this, spent like 15 minutes convincing them to come back and take back their ship and that it wasn’t a weird trap or anything.

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Wait, wrong thread, lmao.

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I hate Slow Mode with a passion.

–Impassionate Gadget


Thats why its fun to post and we can’t give up posting.

You know what’s also toxic with this forum? That it tells me in the Known Issues thread that I should consider not posting because I post too much. The forum bot tells me that, even though this topic is very important to me, I should let others post, too. In a topic about issues with the game. That is laughably toxic from CCP.


I don’t mind the discussion about forums. Quit with the other topics/attacks. Period, don’t reply to them anymore.


You know what, I am stupid. I assumed posting a funny video wouldn’t devolve into a dick measuring contest.

A few months ago I posted that what horrified me, as a communications professional, was the sheer toxicity of these fora. Just got laughed at, called naive and worse. The point I was making, but people ignored, was that it is exceptionally bad business for CCP to allow fora that are run in their own name to be as bad as these are. Please, do not tell me that some people role play in the game and role play here - not interested. RP in the game is one thing, behaving badly in the fora is another; one does not reflect on CCP’s reputation, one decidedly does. Again, please do not argue that this or that MMO’s fora are equally toxic - my professional answer to CCP would be that their toxicity is not CCP’s problem, the toxicity of your fora is your problem.

As I say, from a professional point of view, I would tell CCP either to invest properly in cleaning up these fora, or ditch them. By invest, actually have paid employees to do the work - fine for them to be supported by ISD volunteers, but at the end of the day, have someone called CCP_SewageOperative or whatever actually spend some time on the case.