January 2019 Release - Known Issues


(Litsea Reticulata) #42

What I said was:-

MJD has a “one per ship restriction” and it has a cool down to prevent repeated consecutive activations.

MJF scales linearly with the number of modules, as does the total achievable jump distance. The following statement highlighted one of the “abused-to-the-point-of-broken” mechanics of the MJF meta…

You are correct in that a weapons timer does not directly prevent the bulk movement of a fleet large distances with a CD blob. A weapons timer does make life more difficult for CD blobs that simply warp to a ping several hundred kilometres from a gate and MJF their way through disruption bubbles to crash a gate.

Fighting groups of small ships that move fast and can’t be easily caught isn’t fun. Why else did half the interceptors loose their interdiction nullification?

On this there is agreement,

As far as my eve history knowledge goes, there was a time smart bombs in high security space were actually that, smart. You could run them without dropping out of green safety and a lot of mission runners liked to use smartbombs to clear away pesky weak NPC’s. Then CCP decided to change how EVE calculated who an “enemy” was and resulted in a computationally less expensive ( less laggy ) algorithm and with it the developers decided to throw out green safety smartbombing in favour of red-safety, full-time-weapons-timer mechanics for the sake of simplicity, rather than code in exceptions for the multitude of smart bomb edge cases.

The acceptance of a simple solution to AoE weapons timer “triggers” essentially shifted from what the AoE effect “did” ( previously accepted as a logical application of its operation ) to what it “could potentially do” ( illogical, but easy to understand as a rule and therefore accepted ) which meant more things generating weapons timers than they used to, even things that didn’t necessarily do any damage. Take bombs, if two bombs of different types are heading towards each other, whichever one explodes first will destroy the other, yet both ships end up with weapons timers despite on ship doing 0 damage.

The same could be said for the impact T3 destroyers had on everything from smaller ships like assault frigates all the way to battle cruisers. It took a very long time for CCP to buff smaller ships, even within the T3 bracket ships like the Svipul had an obvious dominance that took a long time to balance out.

I agree that giving out a weapons timer isn’t an outcome I’d have liked to see as a first preference.

I too would have much preferred a cool down mechanic to stop the repeated use of MJF to give large masses of ships the ability to move around grids too quickly and through interdiction efforts, yet I’ll accept a weapons timer in lieu, at least for now.

Sometimes is very frustrating that CCP seems to ignore the need to make changes, at least this is a change in a otherwise niche area and it is positive that CCP is giving it some attention. Hopefully this isn’t the last iteration and with time CCP will be responsive to feedback and make future adjustments.

(Ulrick Vondam) #43

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(Litsea Reticulata) #44

Sadly for most of the past few years anything other than super blobs is pretty much niche.

I hope so, but like with the war declaration changes, its positive to see CCP acting on an easy to implement and straightforward change, with the promise to adjust it over time to get back into state of balance.

(Shekni) #45

CD blobs are extremely rare, most of them done for fun (like venture fleets etc). Guess why? They are not efficient. This ‘abuse’ you are talking about has no practical use (you obviously didnt try that in combat).
P.S. If you think CD’s are unbalanced, please start a discussion elsewhere, this thread is for bugs. A change done without discussion and not listed in patch notes is a bug. Thats not how balancing should be done.

(Litsea Reticulata) #46

A venture/CD fleet doesn’t sound efficient at all, though the word that should bee highlighted is “fun”. People do fleets that are just silly in the name of fun that they wouldn’t do when there’s an actual objective to be completed.

I guess you missed the part where pandemic legion started to use a bunch of ravens and CD’s to “boosh” themselves around citadels and kite them to death? It was hailed at the time as inspirational genius, defeating a trifecta of “broken” ( which have since been changed ) mechanics of oppressive citadel void bombing/neutralizing and constant citadel warp scram/stasis webifying.

That depends on your point of view. When stealth bombers were patched many moons ago there was an “issue” that stopped the normal behaviour of cloaked ships de-cloaking each other when two cloaked ships approached within the de-cloaking proximity range of each other.

To some this would have indeed been seen as a “bug” ( I believe CCP even stated as such ) though to many others the change meant that stealth fleets became significantly more practical to operate and remain so to this day.

It is far from optimal, but like the example above, sometimes accidents lead down paths that are ultimately beneficial and it is wondered why the mechanic wasn’t that way from the begining.

(Devoros Vyndiver) #47

Can’t see any player owned structures on my overview unless I’m near one. And the ones I have access to show I don’t have access, but I can still dock in them.

I thought there was suppose to be a “fix” for these issues after undocking, not break it completely?

(CCP Lebowski) #48

Thanks for reporting this, this issue was resolved this morning, restarting your client should get you the fix :slight_smile:

(production darkhammer) #49

the issue has not been resolved. i am still having it. i cannot control my citadels. i am in the process of trying to refuel them and am unable to. i closed and reopened my client several times and it finally let me fuel one of them but the issue still persists on all my others. i have tried changing structure profiles even making new public ones with no restricted access and i cannot take control of my citadels. they also seem to appear and disappear from my overview between resets of the client.

(CCP Lebowski) #50

Aside from your final point regarding overviews, the issues you are talking about there are wildly different from the point I was responding to. Could you please submit a bug report for the problems you are experiencing and we’ll take a look, thanks!

(production darkhammer) #51

i have an open ticket and have been waiting for a response. i have 4 hours until my citadels offline and lose 4-5 week pulls

(CCP Lebowski) #52

I don’t see any bug report from you, was it reported from a different character? Could you give me the BR number?

(production darkhammer) #53

SUPPORT REQUEST #848855 on character admiral darkhammer

(CCP Lebowski) #54

Alright, that’s a support ticket to our customer service team who can’t help with bugs. Regardless, if admiral darkhammer is the character with the issue I’ll take a look at what I can see, thanks.

If you have time reproducing the issue on the affected character and submitting a bug report (F12 -> Report Bug) would be super helpful as it will give us all your client logs.

(production darkhammer) #55

doing it now on this character

(production darkhammer) #56

ID EBR-170468

(CCP Lebowski) #57

Thanks for the bug report, I’ve got it now. It seems that both of the structures you cannot access have a different access list assigned to them than the one you can access, this other access list doesn’t appear to include any of your characters that you reference. Can you please confirm that this is intentional?

If not, once you have resolved this please be aware that i can take up to 5 minutes for an access list change to apply.

I hope this helps!

(production darkhammer) #58

i have been toying with all of my access lists to try and get it to work. this is not intentional. both of the access lists should have my entire corp set to dock and gun. earlier it was saying i did not have docking access on the overview yet i was tethered and able to dock.

(CCP Lebowski) #59

I understand that, let me be clear, the access list you have on the structures you are unable to access, do not have your characters on them.

This issue you mention here:

Is not related to this at all and was fixed this morning.

(Shekni) #60

I checked latest PL bashes and … HAC’s, capitals, T3C’s, …, even AF’s. Found no CD bunches. They seem to have forgotten their genuine invention. You dont really need that to kill a citadel, 1 CD is enough as gtfo option. So again, for fun - yes, practical use - no. You cant call broken what is not even close to meta.

(Kathamar) #61

Opening the map takes about 30 seconds where as before it was instant. opening info panels of systems while in the map also takes longer than it used to. Maybe this is a first world problem but it’s been annoying enough for the last week or so that I felt I should say something about it.