Jason Moradian breaks his silence

I am Heir-Lord Jason Moradian, and I approve this message.

Additionally, I invite Regent-Lord Arya Nagad to contact me so we may begin communication that will promote a peaceful transfer of power in the near future. I have made numerous attempts to contact you via a variety of communications methods without a response, and have concerns about your silence.

Finally, I have heard some whispers of consternation expressed by certain distant contacts within the Ardishapur organization. If you have something to say, I invite you to speak your charges to my face and within arms reach, so we may communicate clearly and come to an understanding, one with another, regarding those ruminations.


Not for you SCOPE News Reporter, if I get to him first! You know, professional competition is good for the industry, right?

Philana Kimmala
Sebiestor Independent News Services

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