Jedi and the force

Can we use the power of the force in eve?
Pew pew pew~~~
And why the cosmetic don’t have blaster or light saber ?

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Wrong Universe Dude ---->

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Some Eve ships have blasters.

I like turtles.

and Blake 7!!!

What class of ship would the Liberator be?

Some of us have robes and hoods, and while we may not be Sith Lords, we are ISK Lords.



Of course! …it might be a little different than you might have been expecting, though…

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Reminds me of a ganktard from Code being held at bay by a far superior cargo pilot. ( no bump mech to help ).

Yes, use the Schwartz …


Because Eve is sci-fi and starwars is fantasy.

I’m thinking conflag abaddon vs longpoint & web.

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Storm troopers are dreadnoughts.

/pewpewpew… ■■■■ we can’t hit ANYTHING with these stupid guns.

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