Jita, Gankers and Automation

I’m not famous, only gankers know me because what I do to them and I’m sure people could get me if they wanted to. I have one of my own right next to Aiko’s frozen husk, want to make me an offer for the pair :slightly_smiling_face:

Anyway Adrian took his time to setup for each kill, we even got one that instant docks, I activated the kill so he could concentrate in firing.

Yes we all know what he gets up to but our paths crossed that day to both our advantages

According to Aiko, not alot

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I did catching a fleeing pod today but she is indeed right, not so much these days

I thought about it. It is doable. The premise is wrong, this isn’t proof that he shot 5 different pilots at the very same time.

In each case it was CONCORD who finished them off. With 6k hp it takes few seconds for that to happen. And since all these tornadoes shot simultaneously (which in this amount is 100% proof of scripting btw), then also CONCORD fiished them off simultaneously. Adrian had at least 3 seconds to shot each nado with one or two guns or even drones - that is perfectly doable.

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Like that carrot just doesn’t look as tasty as it use to be.

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Where is the witch queen, hope she’s well


This is what confuses me. If the game runs on 1 second ticks, then hitting F1 across a couple of accounts may very well be possible.

Okay, good point. I will try it myself and report back. You should too.

Before I try it:

I don’t really know how these timings and ticks works, I have simply assumed that say, you start targetting the ship at half of the second interval, and the last account will be at the new second interval then the result will be that the last ship will shoot at another second?

If this assumption is correct, I don’t really see how you can consistently shoot 4 nados within same second (also please note that killboard cannot be used as an intel about this - the time of kill varies due to the killmail whorers shooting them) - it simply must take more than half or quarter of second and then it must happen that you start your sequence on after half or three quarters already passed no?

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That, I don’t know. And where I am at, I get some wonky input eating lag as well. Sometimes whole commands are dropped. So I couldn’t say.

And ya, I know that ZKillboard isn’t reliable in terms of “timing” because of how the report api works on that site. It would have to come from the in game notification. Even the notepad file can be doctored up so a screenshot would be the best bet.

My guess is one couldn’t do more that 3 accounts simultaneously by hand.

Shoot your guns across multiple accounts I think is possible but referring back to the ganker, he can fire, loot without fail and dock, we only beat his docking technique by firepower,

If I had 3 accounts active right now I would mine for like 4 hours straight on this fine Friday.

/Pro Automation, Anti Jita & On the Fence over Gankers.

You realize that the timestamp you’re looking at doesn’t show seconds? In fact what you’re looking at is hour:minutes. So yes, 5 tornados were killed in the same minute (mind boggling, right??).

This is why no one can take “you people” seriously. You crowdsource your misinformation and terrible ideas in a smelting pot of bad and try to talk about mechanics and gameplay you clearly know nothing about.

It’s hard to believe that given the poor state of the game and the constant nerfs that you crybabies are still here.


When is CCP going to fix the Ganking Problem?

Not by tethering and ban alphas from ganking that’s for sure

What problem is that, not enough targets?

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Ganking equals survival of the fittest.

The ultimate gank of a new player.
Wild Dog & Hyena Pull Baby Out of Impala That’s Giving Birth (latestsightings.com)

In this game, you get to choose. Chance had it that the poor impala did not have a choice as to where she gave birth.

We have a choice as to how and where we play. It’s not my fault if you chose to be prey.


Dear lord help us all

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Ganking isn’t really a predator/prey dynamic. It’s one set of carebears attacking another set of carebears using pre-designed tactics and calculations. Gankers will always try to pass themselves of as superior but that desperation for validation combined with a lack of measurable skill is why they gank in the first place.

I’m all for ganking being in the game, it’s part of EVE, but people need to stop pretending it’s something it’s not.

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^^ Only market traders and industrialists are real men. All others are carebears. Or, are the nullsec blue-balling brohims also real men?


Those are not in any case mutually exclusive.

Some do. And some are. As with everything in Eve there’s a wide range of both skills and presentation of those skills to others. It certainly isn’t as ‘easy’ as some make out. Neither is it desperately hard…especially if I can do it.

Meh…of course pirates are gonna talk pirate bluster. It’s what pirates do.

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