Join The New Federation - Specializing in Returning Players

Join a community that understands the returning player’s journey. Benefit from our collective knowledge and experience.

Get paired with a mentor who can guide you through your return, offering personalized advice and support. :slight_smile:

Bump - We are still looking for peeps!

Helllllooo. Bring out yer dead!

Join an awesome corp in an awesome alliance, part of an awesome coalition. :slight_smile:

Joining us is easy:

Corp Recruitment Contacts: Harrat

  1. Those wishing to join register all of your characters at both SEAT services:
  2. Login to the TNF Discord The New Federation #recruitment and say hello!
  3. Expect a warm welcome, an orientation session, and your path to becoming an integral part of our PVP adventures.

a wild bumpasauras has appeared…come fly with us

Looking for a supportive community in EVE Online? Join our corporation! We specialize in helping returning players get back into the game smoothly. Whether you’re a veteran or just starting out, we’ve got your back. Join us today!

Was bored of highsec to the point of quiting the game. These guys seemed interesting and i was right. Some days feel like an episode of “home improvement” other days its “married with children”. Entertaintment guaranteed

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Need ISK? Join our corporation and gain access to lucrative opportunities for wealth generation. From mining and industry to PvE and trading, we offer diverse avenues for financial growth in EVE Online. Don’t miss out on this chance to boost your wallet!

Come fly with us and make the iskies…

Skill training assistance is available! Join our corporation and receive guidance on skill training plans tailored to your interests and goals. Whether you’re focused on combat, exploration, or industry, we’ll help you optimize your skill training for success in EVE Online.

Just a daily reminder to join the Federation. Service guarantees Citizenship.

come fly with us!

Come back my pretties, we want you!

Great Corp in a good alliance in a nice pocket of Null. Folks are helpful to newbros, big fleets and small fleets about if you want to learn pvp. Plenty of ways to make good isk in pve.

I’m here to extend a warm invitation to all players, especially those who are returning to EVE Online after a break. The New Federation is growing, and we specialize in helping returning players get back into the swing of things. Whether you’re looking to catch up on the latest updates, need guidance on the new mechanics, or just want a friendly group to fly with, we’ve got you covered.

We’re a supportive and experienced community that understands the challenges of re-entering the game. Our members are always ready to assist with everything from PvE and PvP to mining and industry. No matter your play style or skill level, you’ll find a place with us.

Join us and rediscover the excitement of EVE Online. Let’s explore, fight, and conquer the universe together!

Returning players! New Players! Come join us. I came back after 14 years (stopped due to RL issues, career way way too busy, etc… ) and it’s been a blast catching up and learning everything that’s happened in the interim. Folks are fun, leadership is mature and friendly. I was surprised and if you’re a returning player you’ll be surprised too.