Join The New Federation - Specializing in Returning Players

til evigheten og forbi

It’s a new year, and you want an active corp. Join us and get space rich :smiley:

Listen to Harrat

Join an active, engaging corp and alliance - start the new year off right!

Looking for more members - come check out some sweet low sec space, and AWESOME people.

Come fly with us…I promise I’ll make sure the dishes are done…


Mine Mine Mine Mine

To whom it may concern

TTT - Let’s do this and become space-rich! On anther note We have gotten quite a few South Africans lately - If you want a friend in your TZ - hit us up!

Join us!

Contact Harrat for a good time :kissing_heart: :female_detective:

We even take out our Corvettes for structure bash :congaparrot: :congaparrot: :congaparrot: :congaparrot: :congaparrot: :congaparrot: :congaparrot: :congaparrot: :congaparrot: :congaparrot: :congaparrot:

Til Vardaga!

Conga line tonight @ 20:00 :congaparrot: :congaparrot: :congaparrot: :congaparrot: :congaparrot: :congaparrot: :congaparrot: :congaparrot: :congaparrot: :congaparrot: :congaparrot: :congaparrot: :congaparrot: :congaparrot:

:congaparrot: :congaparrot: :congaparrot: :congaparrot: :congaparrot: :congaparrot: :congaparrot: :congaparrot: :congaparrot: :congaparrot: :congaparrot: :congaparrot: :congaparrot: :congaparrot:

We are still expanding


:smiley: - Bring out yer dead.

Looking for more miners, we had leftover moon goo this week!

Join Us Today! Become space rich y’all!