Joining Factional Warfare

I’m trying to join Minmatar faction in FW. My base standing is -0,01. I trained some social skills and now my effective standing is 1.19, but when I try to join Minmatar it says that I have 0.0000 standings and i need to have more than 0.00.
Anyone knows what can I do to join that faction?

"Unmodified faction standing of 0.0 or higher is also requirement for joining the faction warfare. "
→ Your base standing, without skills is what counts.

That is why the game still sees it at -0.01 or rounded up 0.00

Easy fix :

Run a bunch of quick lvl1 missions until you get a storyline (every 10 missions). Do the storyline - Done.

Quickest way is Distribution Missions.
How to :

  • Fit an exploration frigate (Magnate, Heron, Probe, Imicus)
    with 2x Cargo Expanders and rest inertia stabs if you have the slots. if you want you can invest in hyperspatial rigs.
  • Use the Agent finder and find the closest LVL1 Distribution Agent. (If you can avoid Agents close to low sec systems so you dont get send into low sec)
  • Rage Farm LVL1 Distribution Missions
  • Do the first storyline mission you get (if you need to get the agent some ore, just buy it in the station you have the mission, you dont need to mine it)

Done. You now have enough standings to join FW. Enjoy the ride and remember…


Is your base standings 1.19 or is your Minmatarr Faction standings 1.19? It might still be -0.01.

Otherwise what @Luwc said…

Reposting an old, but still relevant speil:

ShahFluffers’ handy-dandy-guidelines for joining Faction Warfare:

  1. SET UP YOUR OVERVIEW!! Make it so that “friendlies” do not show up (helps to prevent friendly fire incidents and reduces irrelevant information) and especially make sure that militia status is above suspect/criminal status (quite a few militia members have low security status… if you attack them you will incur a large faction standings penalty… and will often be blown up at the hands of your allies).
  2. Buy ships and mods in bulk (mostly frigates and destroyers) and fit them in about 2 or 3 different ways ways for flexibility (ex, shield-fit, armor-fit, DPS/gank-fit, nano-fit, etc). Have them sitting, pre-fit, in an easy to access station… preferably one in low-sec that many other militia members use.
  3. You will lose a lot of ships in militia. Have a steady source of income to replace stuff (which can come from running complexes or missions in low-sec FW systems).
  4. Do not give away friendly fleet locations and/or friendly ship types in Militia Chat. The enemy has many spaiz!!!

5i. Learn the area well. Even the high-sec areas. This will help you when you are looking for stuff to kill or escaping from hostiles.

5ii. Just because combat is more open and encouraged in low-sec it does not mean the enemy militia may not stage attacks in your high-sec area. Keep in mind that joining Faction Warfare puts you in a GLOBAL war declaration. You can be attacked anywhere at any time. Even in Trade Hubs. Especially in Trade Hubs.

6i. When looking for a fleet, type “X” into militia chat and eventually you will get picked up.

6ii. Alternatively, go out and roam a bit. If you stumble upon a friendly fleet, they might pick you up. If not, keep looking (and try killing some stuff while you’re at it).

7i. Once you join a fleet, join audio (be it Ventrilo, Teamspeak, Mumble, Discord, etc) and LISTEN.



7iii. If you cannot figure out where the fleet is by listening, ask [politely] by typing in fleet chat.

  1. The FC (fleet commander) is GOD himself and his orders should be followed to the letter (ex. even if you’re in a frigate, SHOOT THE GODDAMN “PRIMARY” that has been called). Try to keep idle talk to a minimum (unless nothing is happening) and don’t say anything when an engagement is underway. If you have a question… use your best judgement and ask after it is over.
  2. Get to know the “regulars” within your timezone and help them whenever you can. Good things will follow if you make friends with them.
  3. Listen to everyone’s advice… no matter how abrasive it is. Chances are, they know what they are doing and you don’t.

Thank you!
And thanks to @ShahFluffers !

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