Jump Clone/Self Destruct, Time-Location Changes


Hello capsuleers.

Well, how should i start?

I think self destucting to diferent locations would improve the fun of this game (PVP),(PVE) in other words: ¡Jump cloning time should be reduced, another skill should be invented, or even a new drug!

In order to reduce time, appear faster and in other locations in the game, participating more on alliance fleets, solo PVP and PVE it should bring more destruction, joy and make the game faster and fun.

Has no sense waiting 13/14 hours for another jump clone with skills maxed out, makes it boring… and makes me use alters that i certainly don’t need.

Other skill should be invented in order to jump to another clone without having the time to wait. Instead of reducing hours of time, make it capable of jumping 1 to 5 times depending on skills and wathever more arguments other people has that i haven’t yet seen.

Thank you.

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