Kill 15 Triglavians in Abyssal Space

yeah my fav was when someone sent me a 20b gila for t2s and i was like hmmmm. there’s more officer then deadspace here and maybe this isn’t for me.

You really need to find better acquaintances at this point if people are trolling you lol.

Both are pretty good ships for T2 Abyssals. You can run T2 darks in a cheap 80M Hawk, returning like 15M per site and you can do around 6 sites per hour. Completely passive and somewhat undyable if you are not messing up completely. Thats like 90m/hour for basically no investment and no risk and available for starters as soon as they can fly AFs, have Rockets at Tech2 and decent shield/missile support skills. You need A LOT more investment for doing T3s in a Gila and you would barely make more money in there.

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There is a structure called “Automaton Suppressing Tower” or something like that, inside the deadspace, that will attack all drones and missiles within a certain distance. You can approach it (and have the drones follow you) to have the tower kill the drones for you, very handy if there’s a huge swarm of them and you are short on time, or you can stay away from the tower if you want to kill the drones yourself.

Hawks and Worms can do T5 and “sometimes” T6, while equally kitchensinkable Retributions can do T6 “most times”, people are doing that all the time because it can be done w/o implants or expensive fits, and because frigate Abyss rewards are higher then cruiser Abyss rewards. Kitchensink frigates make up for almost half of the T6 runs.

The point that isn’t visible in many suggested fits though is that the high tier frigate abyss runners use 3 frigates run the Abyss, i.e. the abyss run is multiboxed. There’s video tutorials for some of the frigates on abysstracker.

Nevertheless, running a high tier abyss, even if successful, doesn’t ensure you even progress on the task of shoting specific NPC types. Further, if the goal was to get people into space, then Abyss missions achieve the exact opposite of it. They are getting people out of space.

The non-abyss NPC, fireworks, mining, and, in previous iterations of the event, the travel through empire space and the capsuleer kill bonuses all were asking to do something in space, more specifically in new eden, rather then in your specific instance of abysall deadspace.

They have the new Zarzakh system, why isn’t there daily challenge to visit Zarzakh?

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Yah I am biased obviously. I love my gila.

Yah CCP changed the loot tables and now t4 is the place to make ISK.

I will still recommend the gila as it’s a staple compared to frigates/HACs. Until CCP changes the gila.

How are you getting 80mil per hour in t2 abyss? How many sites are you able to do with it per hour? Because the loot in t2 was absolutely tragic in those ~15 runs I did so far. Usually less than t0 except every 5th drops Vedmak bpc (10mil) or better filament.

80mil/h is hard to believe.

btw I used RLML caracal as was recommended and in the end ran into a death pocket which that fit was not able to beat (drone battleship) and I used quite high skill toon.

You get 2x the loot when doing the sites in a Destroyer and 3x the loot when doing them in a Frig. A Caracal will net you… close to nothing, yes.

That means, on average you get around 15M loot per Agitated Dark Filament when doing it in a Frigsize ship, what Worm and Hawk are. (Abyss Tracker nets 13.07M but it doesn’t count Blueprints). When I do these in a Hawk, I can run 6-8 of them per hour and the filaments are pretty cheap. The rest is math.

Now that makes sense why I was getting more in t0 as I was using punisher. Lol, stupid mechanic and is first time I hear about it.

Anyway I am really not obsessed with ISK/h, but the laughable loot in t2 with Caracal that I was using made it really demotivating to run them.