Knono Selective Recruitment!

Tired of the lack of content? everyone around you Blue?

Member of Snuffed Out

We’re a small group looking for trouble. What kind of trouble? Any! Our primary AO is LS. We have competent FC’s and fun fleets everyday, all day.

What we are offering for our pilots:
-We are EU and US tz and desire English pilots.
-Piracy and booty sharing.
-ISK making oportunities.
-SRP and Investments in capable pilots.
-The chance of being witnessed, shiny and chrome.

What we desire from our pilots:
-The ability to cooperate and be competent.
-A min. of 60M SP, with expections in special cases.
-Logi Cruisers LVL 5

  • At least 1 Capital and logi V Capable alt
    -Self sufficient pilots.
    -Desire to be witnessed and we expect you to fight till the very end, no cowards.
    -Full API with no expiry.

Contact Red Kardia or join “Know-Nothings Pub” in game channel for more information.

Our Killbrard:

Some Vids:

Still recruting!