Knowledgeminer Vs Dracvlad thread

But you sure look like Linus Gorp, at a very outside chance Dom Akaral (Dum Dum)…, though Dom Akaral was utterly useless and you are pretty effective at what you do and Linus Gorp was actually a pretty damn good player even if he was a plonker on the forums. He also has the alt Dunning Kreiger, you look more and more like him every time you reply.


Hello everyone,

Of course I couldn’t let this thread discussion go by without posting my big fat butt in and being trollish. Here’s my 2 cents:

Please remember I am the most important person in this thread, despite being a spectator.

Also, I endorse @Dracvlad

Cheers for listening.



Don’t forget to check out the other things I said.


Is this a new feature? Where is it?

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Portrait top right, left click then preferences, then go users:

click + Add… Then type in the name using _ for space and you should get the name show up then select it, then save changes and voila, no more cabbages in this soup…

I am so glad that they added this and a bit miffed it was not really mentioned.


Why? That’s what your thread is about, not this one… Did you post in the wrong thread by mistake? Sure you cannot pretend we should talk here about any of your other proposals there

I was not saying that you should post about them here.
I just wanted to remind people that I have said other things, not just that 50% thing.

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Yeah, that is the essential question isn’t it?

I faced @Knowledgeminer in the game many times, he is my ENEMY in-game, he is the one guy who could shut down my operation. He is the one AG who is worth that I write those letters in caps. I adjusted my operations because of him and started to operate from w-space so he could not easily track me down and if he did I could roll and gank in a completely different part of Highsec within minutes, he got me to innovate even though I copied most of the stuff I did previously from other people.

And yet when it comes to the game mechanics and the game at whole we are completely on the same side. Why?

Because he plays fair. And by that I don’t mean that he not abuses game mechanics to his advantage, OH HE DOES and he does it well! But he does not cry on the forums for changes in his favor! He embraces the game the way it is! And he succeeds where people like you failed big time and that is what makes you and some ag so salty about him.

And it’s really funny you always say it’s all about the bumping, but when confronted with DST looting and NPC station docking you suddenly agree to more nerfs to mechanics gankers use.

Give it up, this is not about “game balance”. You are a white knight trying to safe the people who can’t be arsed to take the simple measures it takes to make themselves completely immune to highsec ganking. You try to make the game boring and less interesting for everyone in the name of an out-off-game moral judgement and you completely misjudge the consequences this would have for the ganker AND most of all “ag” who would simply vanish because of this.


You yourself use this so called psycho babble.

And as a matter of fact, several people already pointed out that you are indeed projecting at least sometimes. Google helps a lot with this.


@Knowledgeminer shot me down in Hek! Outta nowhere!
Sitting cloaked in a 'cane at some can, at the edge of my bookmark cloud!

Good man!

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May I ask … what did you do/say?

Oh, but he already knows this. Actually, he mentioned it himself in a previous post, only not as an indication that there might be some truth in it, but rather as “proof” that I might be one of those too:

:rofl: :rofl: :rofl:

Nearly every time someone brags about a CONCORD whoring kill, or some other kill irrelevant for AG purposes (e.g. empty pods), I explain (without being disrespectful in any way), why that kill has no AG relevance. I say there is nothing wrong with those kills if they do it for fun, to practice, to collect bounties, or whatever, but make it clear that there is nothing to brag about because those kills have absolutely no AG relevance. Some players understand it no problem, but some don’t like to be told that and get upset.

This has sometimes caused heated discussions when the AG pilot thought he saved the victim, even though the killmail clearly showed that what really happened is that the ganker simply failed and the AG pilot just happened to be there. Examples of this would be someone ECM jamming a 1-shot Tornado or a dmg dealing (not e-war) kill with CONCORD in it.

Also I’m very vocal against all the whining that used to pollute that channel, against being disrespectful with the gankers for the sole reason that they blew someone’s ship, against pretending game mechanics should be changed to make ganking harder, and so on…


I see you are still trolling a candidates thread, that is a bit sad. Definitely Linus Gorp like. This is rather amusing, he would definitely be a fake AG if you are wondering.

As for the Pyscho babble, I keep pointing out just because you can link to articles about mental health means absolutely nothing. You should go and speak to real Psychologists and you will find that none of them will do any diagnosis without actually doing a number of sessions and any one who does so is a charlatan, or not firing on all their mental cylinders. Like that completely warped woman in the USA, who then got removed due to doing exactly this to Trump.

I don’t disagree with this statement apart from the fact you cannot understand where some mechanics are unbalanced which is your issue.

And I have only ever seen you do this in a nasty condescending way which is why so many people have blocked you.


Almost thought it was a DanaLee alt… But it could be norge… Or solistice…

Or Dom,

Or I could just be listing people because I don’t care.

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No, what you saw is you thinking you’re entitled to make false claims about me there without me replying to you.

You’re the only one to blame for that. If you don’t want me to reply to your lies there, don’t post them there to begin with. Do it here instead and you’ll see I reply here too.

Yes, yes, everybody knows I’m unable to understand those game mechanics and why they’re so unbalanced, and that this is my issue… Anyone wanting to do AG should listen to you instead… :rofl:

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My word there has been progress in your attitude, well that is a start. Because for the majority of the time you were in the AG channel that was most certainly not the case. Yes they do it for fun, yes they do it for practise, some most definitely do it for the bounty, others do it for the kill marks and others because of the meta game because the gankers really hate it and get salty.

Why do they always come back with the word CONCORD whores and even more telling why have some of the freighter gankers set up with smart bombers? Of course part of the answer is to get the bounties and get them back to their homes station as soon as possible. But they don’t like it when players hit back at them. Something you have failed to understand because you do not get AG.

I have not once seen you engage against freighter gankers, and as that is where the imbalance rests you do not have any idea. And for the second part of your chest beating exercise have you seen me once say anything about the area where you excel in? No you have not. I listen to you in your area of expertise, simple that.

This is an important question, more relevant to you than me. While I have my suspicions about your motives jokes aside lets just assume that you are in fact what you say you are. Suggesting that you was Tora was in fact a joke, but you are so close to Linus Gorp in attitude it is funny.

What do you think AG is, and what do you think it could be? After all you have been highly active in the AG channel for is it three years now and apart from driving many people to block you or leave the channel, you have a private channel with three other people in it and you have not converted a single one other than the two I mentioned to your mode of operation. Isn’t that one big massive failure on your part for all your effort and elitism?

Before I go deeper into your failure, I am not saying that I have been a success either, but then again I have not really tried in any meaningful way to develop the AG player base, unlike you.

There is no denying that for the T1 and DST ganker in certain pipe systems that you are pretty lethal to them, but where are the others doing the same as you, how many have you turned into doing that? Well I see only three people in that channel with you and one of them is the person who created the AG channel in the first place.

As I tried to point out to you numerous times the AG community is not some sort of super elite chest beating focussed bling fitting relentless players like you, but mainly indy and new players who want to do something to get back at the gankers even if in a small petty way. That you are unable to work that out and run around chest beating about being elitist with these people defines everything about you. Both in stupidity and in effect.

Of course I know you are very good at what you do, but you are not good at what you really want to do and let me be very clear, I am not saying that I am either.

So when you go off after someone like the CSM candidate in such a dishonest way, I decided to take the P out of it. And I find this hilariously funny even though I know that what I am doing here is wrong too. However let me put it bluntly, you are a huge failure in terms of AG. And before you go all elitist on me I am not saying that I am any better, in fact I am worse because I have not really tried. Honesty is so refreshing isn’t it?

Just so you don’t get confused with actual gameplay and the imbalances because you will go all out of context on me, but what I mean about not trying is me not making any serious effort into developing AG into a more coherent effective body.

So there you go my attitude towards you in a nutshell, a super effective individual player as a hunter, but a complete failure in terms of making AG develop and in fact worse because you have driven people that could have been good away with your aggressive arrogant and unnecessary elitism.

PS Two hidden replies how wonderful…
PPS Once bumping has been adjusted in some way that removes the imbalances I might then get stuck in and see what develops. But at the moment the imbalance is such that it is not possible in my view for what AG is mostly made up of in terms of experience, SP and resources.

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Thing is, once normal people develop in ag they realize it is a toxic hellhole so they leave, leaving only the worst scum behind (with a very few positive exceptions like Knowledgeminer)

lol, toxic shitposter complaining about other peoples attitude. There are a few decent people trying to educate ag, but they get overwhelmed by shitposters like you.


I think it’s telling that he calls these cancer people good people. It shows where all his white knighting comes from and, especially, shows what kind of asshole he actually is, despite all his more or less failing attempts of concealing his true self.


As if it was true that there has been any “progress” in my attitude, or anyone cared what your word on anything is, for that matter…

Citation needed, please. Show an example here of 1 case, just one, where my attitude there has not been appropriate, just so everybody here may see what exactly it is that you’re talking about… and that you’re not just telling more lies and making false accusations again without a leg to stand upon…


No, I haven’t engaged in that. How exactly does that imply I have no idea? You think I’m as intellectually impaired as you or what?

FWIW, the only imbalance there, if any, would be in the bumping, not in the ganking itself, something I’ve never opposed to be changed if CCP deems appropriate.

What I’m strongly against in this regard is pretending bumping is a bigger issue than it really is, or that bumping mechanics should be changed without taking into consideration how it might break other things in the game, or inane suggestions to “fix” it such as making the bumper suspect, which clearly show it is the ones suggesting such nonsense who have absolutely no clue about this…

No, again it wasn’t, and you may try backpedalling all you want now, repeating this lie as many times as you want, and it will still be a lie very easy for anyone who cares to see by just checking how it all started.

Who cares? Why would I answer this question when I can have so much fun seeing you dancing around making a fool of yourself by not answering it?

LOL. Not that it really matters, but just so anyone reading this wonders, this is another lie. I can’t wait for him saying here he knows better than me because he was in my channel for a few weeks because he was supposedly interested in learning to do AG properly… Or was it for some other reason that you were there?


Quoted here for posterity to show he’s proud of not bothering to help improve AG, while at the same time criticising me for trying to do precisely that (but “massively failing” at it), in the very post where the quote he included at the beginning talks about me as a “false AG”…

LOL. There are certainly others out there doing some of the things I do, not in my channel because they’re not in my area of operation, and hence there is no point in that, but which I’ve occasionally talked to privately (in addition to publicly in the AG channel).

There are also others that have been in my channel, that have flown with me even, but that are currently not there for the simple reason that they’re not playing the game atm.

But please, keep going pretending you know better than me what goes on in my channel, who I talk to and who I don’t. We all love seeing how you like to keep making a fool of yourself again and again…

Please show 1 example, just one, of a case were I’ve been unable to understand someone might not be willing to spend a lot of effort fighting the gankers and I’ve been “running around chest beating about being elitist” with him/her. Otherwise people reading this might think you could be lying (again), but we all know you’d never do that, would you?

Please, show where exactly have I gone off after her in such a dishonest way. Be sure to include what she said that I was replying to (which you’ll be able to find quoted in my post), and not something else that you’ve decided I was replying to completely ignoring the facts simply because that would better fit your narrative…

Interesting. I, on the other hand, am pretty sure what I’m doing here is right, not wrong.


Indeed, even more so in the presence of so many lies.

I’ve driven away absolutely no one that wasn’t detrimental to AG.

You’re actually a good example of someone detrimental to AG, because you try to make others believe there is no point in even trying to fight the gankers in game, that whining about how unbalanced some game mechanics are is much better than figuring ways to counter them and use them to our advantage…

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Honesty at last, wow…

I have never suggested that the bumper just go suspect and I hope you are not suggesting that I did. I did suggest at one point that there was a counter that after it was passed would give a chance of the bumper going suspect and would not apply to the bumped ship, and that was only due to the desire not to impact bumping elsewhere in the game. I am being honest here, learning anything?

I have stated repeatedly that bumping is an issue that creates too much control and enables lazy play, resulting in the target at times being bumped for an extended period of time with the only real option to endure it.

But I am happy to see that you finally got there with the only major issue with ganking. Well more like the issue that is known as bumping and it’s impact elsewhere.

Yes it was, based on your extrapolation.

I answered it, but you don’t have the wit to understand what I said.

I was there to understand what you do, however I was looking for such content that was around my main TZ and in the general area that I was in and the content was just not there.

Can’t see I said I was proud of it. Again being honest is something I do, rather than you. I have made no real effort to do anything in terms of developing AG. One reason as I saw it as being other peoples baby, the other was that the only content that was available to me was the one where a massive imbalance imo made it not fun and a sure loss. But if bumping gets changed I might give it a proper go.

I made it quite clear that I saw it for a brief period of time, and that the people you linked the mail too were not any different to who I saw in the channel over a year ago.

In your opinion, so you got there in the end… In your post you say no one but then admit to it.

I have openly stated the advantages that bumping gives and why I will not waste time on such stale boring game play. People know my position on that. And another reason is that the freighter gankers crave people to get into a real conflict with them. I feel that because of their advantages that they have that doing the Goon method of weaponised boredom, on what is basically boring repetitive farming was the best option at this time. In fact opposing them just gave them easy bragging content and kept them more interested and motivated and was therefore not worth doing.

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